I’ll bet you a drink or two . . .

Ever heard the Brad Paisley song, Alcohol?

It’s a funny little tune about the dumb stuff alcohol makes us do. And also about how fun it is to drink. But mostly about doing dumb stuff. It’s funny, catchy and also true. Alcohol can make you act like an idiot, and it impairs your judgement, which is probably why it’s so much fun. But maybe, just maybe, there comes a time when it starts to get in the way of your goals.

I used to think part of the reason I worked out so hard was so I could eat and drink whatever I wanted. Then I turned 32 and had two babies. I’m 34 now, and it just keeps getting harder to get/stay in shape. I’ve heard nasty rumors about people (gasp) actually cutting all alcohol out of their diet. That doesn’t sound like much fun. What goes better with a long, Friday night run than chips, guac and a frosty margarita or two? Nothing! Unless maybe homemade pizza and wine. Wine is good for you right? Antioxidants and all that.

Anyway, the whole idea of a dry life isn’t very appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a crazy party girl or anything (two kids, remember), but I do like my adult beverages. The problem is, those pesky love handles seem more noticeable and stubborn. Plus, it’s harder to wake up the morning after a glass of wine–ok who am I kidding, two glasses–and harder to get to the gym. And the biggest issue of all for me, is that the more I drink, the more I eat.

Internal dialog:

That one glass of wine sure would taste great with a few crackers. Oops, I misjudged the cracker to wine ratio–too many crackers left over. Just a splash more wine should finish them off. Oh and chocolate. Chocolate tastes great with red wine.

On and on it goes, and I don’t even LIKE chocolate very much. It’s just that the alcohol begs to be paired with food, inhibitions are lowered, and pretty soon half the bottle is drained and the chocolate chips you bought to make cookies for your son’s kindergarten class are long gone. Not that that’s ever happened to me. It just seems like that’s how it could happen.

In fact, researchers recently found that drinking often encourages us to seek instant gratification and ignore the consequences. But then Brad already told us that, didn’t he?

Because scientists are always trying to mess with us, there is also new research that shows drinking moderate amounts of alcohol (meaning one or two drinks a day), may actually help women lose weight. What? Now that’s some science I’d like to see. If you’d like to see it too, check out this article here.

Years of personal research suggests that moderation is not a concept that comes naturally to me. The question is, can moderation be learned, or are there some people who just have to hop on the wagon in order to reach certain goals? And that applies to any number of vices–ice cream, pop chips, soda–whatever it is for you. I have trouble with sugar too, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

What do you think? Is one ever enough? Have you ever tried to give up something you love? How’d that work for ya? And while we’re on the topic, what’s your favorite summer cocktail? Mine is a tie between a gin and tonic and a homemade margarita, rocks, no salt.

summer in a glass

gin and tonic photo from dinneralovestory


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