Warning: dangerous terrain ahead

The third day is always the worst. I know that from past experience, and it is definitely holding true today, day three after Saturday’s Tough Mudder. So what hurts? Surprisingly, my muscles aren’t complaining too loudly. Sure, I’m a little sore in the upper body; mostly from hauling my butt over 12 foot walls and hanging down the other side–oh yeah, and getting yanked to the top of a big ‘ol half pipe.

Photo: Kristin Foster


Photo: Kristin Foster


It’s actually the bangs and scrapes on my knees and forearms that hurt the most. Check this out!

The pictures don’t really do it justice (not to mention that I really don’t look so pasty white in person, really), but take it from my five-year-old: “That makes you look really tough, mommy.”

So yeah, not only did I survive, I ROCKED!

And I came out looking really tough. Not finishing was never an option, so  I did every one of the 26 obstacles to the best of my ability. I mean, how cool do I look in this picture?

Photo: Kristin Foster

Literally. I was freezing my tushie off (and scrapping it up quite a bit too, in case you were wondering).

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning. If you read Friday’s post, you know the kids were in the capable hands of their Grandma, and Mike and I were ready to get our drive on.

After a bit of a late start (Mike’s fault for once), we were on the road to Breckenridge, and I was ready to relax in the mountain air. And by relax I mean obsess over the race the next day.

Here is a shot from our drive.

In Frisco we stopped at the grocery store to get some healthy, pre-race breakfast supplies for the team. Even the Safeway has gorgeous views.

Next we stopped here,

to stock up on some essential pre-race carb loading.

Yes, we are truly dedicated athletes.

With our nutritional needs taken care of, we were off to meet up with the rest of our team, Dave, Keith and Jeff (our other team-member, Corbett, was staying with his family). The guys were already making dinner at our weekend headquarters–a condo in Breckenridge that Keith offered up to our group for a steal. Thanks Keith!

Sorry about the ginormous sun spot–sometimes nature just doesn’t cooperate.

Here is a picture of some of our fuel choices. Notice the “grains” from the Sunshine Wheat beer. Carbs are more effective when they come in a bottle. Or not.

We were ready to go bright and early Saturday morning, because even though we had a 9:20 start time, Beaver Creek is about 30 minutes away from Breckenridge. Plus, with parking and shuttles and last-minute bathroom runs, we needed to allow a couple of hours before start time. That gave us plenty of time to register,

get marked

and check out the competition.

There were tons of great costumes (and some that revealed waaaaay too much), but unfortunately, we had to check our cameras at the bag drop so I didn’t get many photos.

Here is one of Mike and me, looking fresh and clean.

I think I look pretty calm.

I won’t give you a play-by-play of the whole race. If you’re interested in the specifics of the course, check out this post. There’s a link to the Beaver Creek course map and descriptions of all the obstacles. Though the map doesn’t accurately represent every obstacle we encountered, it gives you a great idea of what we dealt with. What I will tell you is that it was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. A lot! Once I got through a couple of obstacles and flushed the adrenaline out of my shaky legs, I actually started to enjoy myself. Most of the obstacles were about what I expected–messy, muddy and wet. One thing none of us were really prepared for was the shockingly cold water. I’m talking take your breath away, audible gasp, soft parts trying to hide where it’s warm, kind of cold. The one obstacle I didn’t complete was the underwater tunnels–partly because the water was just so freakin’ cold, and partly because I am a wuss. I did swim under one of three “tunnels” before hypothermia and panic forced me out of the water. That was the obstacle I was most afraid of, so I was proud I managed that.

Our team, unofficially called five guys and a girl, decided ahead of time we were sticking together, which made the whole experience much more fun. Sure, some of us could have left others of us in the dust, but that would have changed the whole tone of the race. Tough Mudder is about camaraderie and teamwork rather than setting a personal record. The guys helped me over walls and through tunnels, and I helped them . . . hmmm, not sure how I helped them. Look tougher, maybe?

Photo of Corbett, Mike and Trish, by Kristin Foster

We stumbled our way through the last couple of obstacles (the final one, electroshock therapy, almost brought me to my knees), and crossed the finish line together about four hours after we started.

Photo by: Kristin Foster

They had hoses on hand to spray off as much muck as possible, a dump pile for dirty shoes, and kegs for the free beer each participant earned. Not being a beer drinker, I gave mine to Mike. We crashed on the lawn for an hour or so, celebrating our toughness and counting scraped bums. There were more men in Speedos than I’d like to see in one place, at one time, ever again.

Photo by: Kristin Foster

We also got these awesome Tough Mudder sweat bands. You can’t buy this kind of magic folks, you can only earn it.

Jeff, Dave and Keith

The rest of the weekend was spent showering, relaxing and recounting each obstacle. Isn’t that the point of doing stuff like this? You push yourself past what you thought you were capable of, and by day three, you are cooler, so much cooler than you ever were before.

Mike and Jeff relaxing after the race


In case you didn’t get enough pictures from this post, I’ll be posting official photos from the race as soon as they are available.

Now, how to top this? Suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Warning: dangerous terrain ahead

  1. Erin Grant says:

    Wow! I’m so proud of you (and Mike too)! When I saw the map on Friday my main concern was the electro shocking. Eeep! Congratulations! You’re an inspiration.

    • wishfit says:

      Yes, that was much more “shocking” (ha) than I expected. We both got hit three times and the first one almost knocked me over. It was pretty crazy.

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