New kicks

I think new running shoes are motivation in a box. After my old shoes wound up in a pile that looked like this, I needed something to get me on the road again. It would have been nice to use no shoes as an excuse to rest up a little longer after Saturday’s event. I am still pretty sore and beat up, after all. But then I gave myself a real talking to, and decided that sitting around on my bruised butt is not very Tough Mudderish. So after my Pilates workout today (no shoes required), I went to the Boulder Running Company (in Littleton, CO) to find some shoes.

I found these,

and these.

Why two pairs, you ask? Well, it’s simple math; one pair = motivation; two pairs = double motivation. Who can argue with that? Also, one pair is just for the low-mileage road running I do, and the other pair is for some trail running and easy hiking. The top pair is the latest version of these Nikes. The last four pairs of running shoes I’ve owned have been these neutral, cushion shoes, and I’ve obviously been very happy with them. The bottom pair are these Mizuno trail runners. I’ve never had Mizunos, but they felt comfy and were on sale, so I thought I’d try them. Plus, the guy at the store said he had worn them to bag a couple of 14’ers, which made them sound super cool. He didn’t wear these exact shoes, of course. That would make the shoes used, and the guy a little weird since they are pink, women’s shoes. He wore his own, men’s version.

Does anyone else find new shoes (or any other kind of gear) motivating? Sometimes even just going to an athletic apparel store is enough to get me going. Even a headband (about all I can afford at my favorite store, Lululemon) or some socks can start my juices flowing. After a big event like the Tough Mudder, it’s easy to sit around the house congratulating yourself on a job well-done. Do that for too long and your race photos might just become “before” pictures: as in, before I got lazy and gained 15 lbs. So whether it’s buying new shoes or setting a fresh goal, renewing motivation is a necessary part of your fitness journey. Aside from the shoes, I’m kiiiiind of considering this event. I’ll keep you posted!


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