In the mood for a little fluff today?

Photo: people.com

Kristin Cavallari of reality t.v. fame looking smokin’ on the beach. She may not be super fit, but she also isn’t scary skinny. I think she looks like a real girl, albeit an extremely gorgeous one.

Photo: people.com

Gwen Stefani, age 42 (!) and mother of two (!), shows off some great abs and a little shoulder muscleage. Love that she seems strong and fit, not just a stick.

Photo: people.com

Check out those arms! And I don’t mean his. Cameron Diaz shows us what a real workout looks like, and does.

Photo: usmagazine.com

And another, just for fun.

Photo: people.com

This last photo is of Sean Penn (and some chick sporting nice quad muscles), who I don’t particularly like, but have to admit looks pretty fit.

Do you have a celebrity body inspiration? C’mon, you can admit it. I know it’s silly and shallow, but it’s still kind of fun. I only like the ones who look like they’ve actually seen the inside of a gym once in awhile.


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