Biggest loser, wishfit style


This week, while trying on shorts Mike had a girl stressful moment when he realized that the size he usually wears wouldn’t quite button over the gut. To give him credit, he has had a broken wrist for the past several months, and hasn’t been to keep up his usual intense fitness regimen. He has been able to keep up his intense beer-drinking regimen, however, which is where the belly comes in.

For my part, I have a few extra lbs lingering from a semi-recent back injury, and a more recent love of gin and tonic, and snacks.

So now, it’s on!

It is highly likely I will regret announcing this online, but hey, a little more accountability never hurt anyone. We’ve decided to enter into our own weight-loss contest (minus the crazy trainers and hours-long exercise routines), to see who can lose 10 lbs by the end of August. Of course I have no chance in winning this. Everyone knows guys lose weight faster than girls, and my husband in particular, has a talent for laser-like focus and a competitive mentality that I cannot compete with. But who cares? It’s still fun to try, and it keeps us on track, together.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress, Alison Sweeney-style, and even post some before and after pictures, provided there are after pictures!

Have you ever participated in a Biggest Loser contest? Did you win big (or is that lose big)? Are you competitive with your spouse or significant other? Do you work on a healthy lifestyle together, or do you sabotage each other?


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