Crested Butte is a wonderland

This picture just about sums up the weekend.

Little boys + mud + water = most fun ever! Add in some fishing from the kayak with daddy, hiking, hot dogs and s’mores around the campfire and it just doesn’t get much better.

If you checked out the blog on Friday, you know we were headed off for a weekend of camping fun–with far too much stuff. We drove about four hours out of Denver to get to the wonderland that is Crested Butte. If you’ve never had the chance to go, put it on your to-do list. It’s the most amazing place; gorgeous hiking, fly fishing galore, wildflowers and world-class mountain biking (Mike particularly loves the wildflowers–seriously, I’m not even joking).

We’d been there once before, when we lived in Fort Collins a few years ago, and were aching to go back. Here are a few reasons why:

View from the campground on Taylor Reservoir. Hunky camper guy not included.

Cute little boys grow on trees.

This is the only place you have to be all day.

These are your hiking buddies.

You can stop and photograph smell 10 million flowers.

And your dog gets to do this!

Obviously, not a whole lot of useful information in this post. Just a shameless promotion of the Crested Butte area (I was not perked or paid for my praise, but I would accept a free campsite if offered), and some photos that might encourage you to get out and explore. Wellness is about more than just a regimented exercise routine. Sometimes you need to get out in the quiet and
just . . . breathe (and eat some junky camping food). You can get back to counting calories in and calories out on Monday.

Been anywhere amazing lately? Do your kids love to stomp in the mud? Or pee on every roadside around, even if there is a bathroom five minutes away? Does your significant other make you wade through a knee-deep snowmelt river so you can video him driving through it in his truck? Be glad I spared you all of those pictures, because they do exist!


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