(Re)Doing it!

Thanks to everyone who was excited about the dresser project! Maybe I should make this a home improvement blog. Naaaahhhh, I know enough about that stuff to fill a week’s worth of posts at the most. Better stick to what I do best.

Since yesterday I’ve been hard at work, trying to make you proud with my dresser re-do, and it’s coming along nicely. The most exciting part? I commented on the YHL site with a link to yesterday’s post, and Sherry responded! To me! Yes, it’s on page 5 of like, 330 comments, but still . . . it’s almost like I’m famous or something. I still feel giddy today. I know I’m a dork, ok.

This is how things were looking last night after one coat of blue. It looks brighter in the picture than it does in real life. It’s more of a deep, washed out blue, with aqua undertones.

That’s today, with three coats of blue (one to go, I think), three coats of red (red takes FOREVER), two coats of green, and one coat of orange and khaki. The red turned out a little more Kool-Aid than I had envisioned, but I didn’t want to go so dark it looked pink. I can live with it. The green is perfect, and the orange is going to look great with another couple of coats. It’s so pretty against the blue. The khaki reads a little muddy and dark in the photo, but in person it’s nice with the other colors. I just have yellow and light blue left to start, but I’m working with a limited number of paint brushes so I have to rotate.

Those boys better put all of their clothes away for the rest of their lives!

In workout news, after the first two challenge workouts, and a full day of crouching, bending, sanding and painting, I was a little creaky this morning. But once I got moving (along with all of the other 90-year-olds), I was feeling good. Tonight is challenge workout day four (but it’s actually the third workout). Booya.


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