Friday love

Happy Friday! Wow, that week went fast. Seems like I was just putting Garrett on the bus for his first day of school, and now it’s old news. This morning, I sent my two big guys off for their first backpacking trip together. I’m not sure who was more excited.

So now, the house is quiet, and it’s just me and Graham, hanging out the whole weekend, and I’m feeling all warm and glowy. Could be that it’s hot outside. Could be that I did the day five workout this morning, and am sweating like a man (pigs don’t really sweat, you know). Or it could just be that it’s a good day.

So today’s post is just a few happy thoughts to send you off on your weekend.

I love that I have a heart-shaped rock collection. You didn’t know that about me, did you?

I love that my kid is beyond stoked to go backpacking, and that his dad feels the same way about taking him.

I love that I have a date with my three-year-old tonight, and that he is totally confused about how we are planning to watch a movie in the park.

I love that one week of my workout challenge is down, and my back is still holding strong.

And, I love that I’ve been writing this blog for almost two months now (over 30 posts!) and you guys are still following it. Thanks so much for your comments, your feedback, your encouragement and most of all, for reading.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Do something fun, do something active and then have a cocktail for me!


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