Monday mish-mash

Lots of stuff going on around casa de wishfit this weekend, so lets just do a little Monday update. Who had a great weekend? Graham and I had a fun, mellow, temper tantrum-free couple of days, while the older boys were backpacking. Mike and Garrett got home yesterday, and were full of stories about their trip. No whining there either. It’s amazing how well we all behave with a little one-on-one attention.

A few pictures from the trip:

I knew Garrett had it in him to do an awesome job on this excursion. He’s been hiking of his own free will since about age four (meaning we don’t have to bribe or cajole him). But you just never know. And man, that’s a pretty good-sized backpack for a kid that weighs about 45 pounds soaking wet. I am so impressed by him. It just shows what kids can do if you simply expect it of them. And I don’t mean forcing things on them that they clearly don’t enjoy. That will make everyone miserable, and in fact, end up reinforcing their dislike. What I mean is, just assume they can do things, set them up to achieve, and they will rise to the occasion. Hurray for Garrett!

As for me, I only imagined bear attacks and fatal falls a couple of times, and then only briefly–so hurray for me too!

The other big milestone this week is that Graham started preschool today.

Here he is, with his little backpack and his grimace smile of excitement. Actually, he was excited, he just doesn’t know how to smile for pictures yet. Photos of Graham mostly show up with teeth clenching and eye squinting. This one is actually pretty good.

I can hardly believe I have a first-grader and a preschooler. It seems like I was just living this:

Garrett’s first day of preschool. He had just turned three, and Graham is only three months. Look at that ginormous head! Those cheeks!

But now, here I am, in a calm and silent house–something I’ve been wishing for all summer, by the way–and I feel very out of sorts. Oh, don’t worry about me. I’ll get used to it real quick like, but for today, I am having some trouble adjusting. Let’s hope it’s just me, and not Graham!

Hope you all have a happy Monday. I have some great stuff planned for you this week (at least I think it’s great; boo on you if you don’t), including a dresser update (it’s done!) and maybe even a poem if I can get inspired.


3 thoughts on “Monday mish-mash

  1. Bev says:

    Such little men! I couldn’t agree more about setting kids up to succeed and trusting them to do so. That’s what makes it their own accomplishment–something that makes them proud of themselves instead just making someone else proud of them. That’s what builds self-confidence and internal motivation. And, really, isn’t that what anyone (at any age) wants and needs?

  2. Papa says:

    What great pictures of Garrett; or have I got him confused with the Lewis and Clark expedition? Looks like Graham started out in great spirits. Fill us in tomorrow on how his day went. Bet it was pretty good.

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