Baby steps

One of the things I’m totally diggin’ about this blog is hearing from readers. Granted, I’m not getting inundated with comments (yet, hint, hint), but I’ve gotten some quality feedback here on the site, on Facebook and in person. Something several of you told me is that, though you don’t exercise much (or at all), you still follow the blog. Even better, you are inspired by what you read. Well color me tickled and call it a day (I made that up. Don’t over think it).

As a fitness professional, my goal is . . . wait for it . . . to improve your fitness. Whether you are a high-level worker outer, or just beginning, I hope you can find something here that works for you. But I have to admit, the newbies are my favorites. And that includes you no-bies who haven’t even started (yet, hint, hint). I want you to get as excited about fitness as I do. I want you to feel less stressed, stronger, healthier and more capable. I want you to do things you never thought you could do, and be the kind of person you never thought you could be. And then you sign on for stuff like this, and you feel freakin’ awesome.

I can’t take you there if you don’t want to go, but if you’re ready and simply don’t know how to start? That, we can work with.

Someone I know mentioned she would love to be a runner, but the idea of it was just too overwhelming. Maybe you feel like that too. Like there is no way you could fit workouts into your schedule, or your fitness level is so minus zero you can’t imagine how you would get from where you are, to running even a mile. My advice–take it or leave it–baby steps.

Instead of feeling like you have to go from non-exerciser to expert in a week, take baby steps. Brainstorm some small ways you can start to bring fitness into your life–things that feel doable now. And I’m talking teeny, tiny, people. A set of squats while you wait for the pasta water to boil; a few calf-raises while you pump gas; a set of stairs instead of the elevator. Are these things going to help you lose 20 pounds and finish a marathon? Of course not. But you do see where I’m going with this right?  Do what you can do at this moment, and maybe something will stick.

The key is that it must be something you feel confident you can/will do. Don’t commit to walking three times a week if you’re not going to follow through; you’ll only feel guilty and discouraged. Find what works for you,


Think about it.


4 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Papa says:

    Trish, I know your main goal is to have an impact on someone improving their fitness and health. Unfortunately, your writing is so enjoyable that some people will read your blog just for the smile it will put on their face. This is not so bad. Health comes in many forms.

  2. Katy says:

    Couch to 5K really got me on the road to running. Although, I’ve stopped road running due to the summer heat, I look forward to using this program again come fall. It’s encouraging and certainly takes baby steps!

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