Viva la weekend!

Happy Monday. Oh yes it is. If you think you are happy it’s Monday, you will be. Just keep telling yourself that.

Anyway, an active weekend was had by all in the Denver area. Saturday I took the boys hiking while Mike was fly fishing. It was the first hike we’d done in a while, as I needed time to recover from a string of whiny Graham Gremlin episodes. I kept my fingers crossed that this time the sun, the snacks, the terrain and whatever else could possibly stir up trouble, would all be in perfect alignment to keep the Gremlin out of sight. I got lucky.

What a perfect day! We had good attitudes, a fun hike and weather that was beyond gorgeous. I could feel fall in the air, just under the heat of the day. That’s a view of the Flatirons in Boulder, in case you feel like visiting.

Sunday I got my volunteer on, and headed into downtown Denver for Viva Streets, a family friendly event sponsored by LiveWell Colorado and BikeDenver. Organizers shut down two miles of  a major Denver street so residents could bike, play and celebrate an active lifestyle, something we do pretty well in Colorado.

Fun was had by all, (at least all the alls that I saw), as families took part in a bicycle parade, Zumba and yoga demos, hula hooping, face painting, lawn mower races and more. Mike brought the boys down to check things out, and to marvel at the orangeness of my volunteer shirt.

So sexy! Look how it matches the road block sign. You can’t buy these shirts, my friends. You have to earn one.

FYI, no coercion was involved in the taking of this photo.

Look at that hip action. Almost makes the shirt look good.

Yoga in the park.

Zumba in the park. No amount of coercion could get me to try that.

So the first ever Viva Streets was a big success, with thousands coming out to enjoy the activities, and I was super glad I went too. Sometimes it’s hard to make yourself do stuff like this. Whether it’s volunteering, or just searching your community for new stuff to do. Weekends can end up being stuffed with to-do lists, errands and maybe a little too much lazing around. But when you get out into your neighborhood or beyond, you end up getting a lot of cool new experiences to file away in the memory bank, and hopefully your weekend feels more enjoyable and refreshing. Or, your kids have a total meltdown and you wish you had never left the house. Either way, memories.

Anyone do anything fun and new in their area lately? Any suggestions for a fulfilling volunteer experience? Or did you sit around and watch golf all weekend, thank you very much!?


3 thoughts on “Viva la weekend!

  1. Bev says:

    Hurray! There’s one activity I do that Trish couldn’t even be coerced into. I really like Zumba–it’s a killer work-out, but the music just gets me revved. See the post under “music” category–it was the music that motivated me to even try Zumba, and it’s what keeps me moving. The hour is over before I know it. Do I have all the salsa steps down? No, I don’t! But, I’ll get there.

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