Sick day

Friends, I’m taking a sick day.

In case you are wondering, I am not wearing blush, I have fever cheeks (is that a real medical condition?). I started feeling a tinge in my throat yesterday afternoon (thought it was allergies) and it just got worse and worse. Smacked me, is more like it. Maybe that’s why my cheeks are so red.

Anyway, I thought I’d use my “down time” today to write some stuff for you guys. I have a few great ideas knocking around in my head. But that down time ended up being so far down, this is about as much as I’ve moved all day. Let’s put it this way: I took Garrett to the bus stop wrapped in a big, blue, fuzzy blanket this morning because I was so cold, I couldn’t stand to take it off. Just shuffled right down my street in a blankie. Luckily he is still too young to be mortified.

Ok, gotta go. My mom says I should go to the dr. And I just thought I one useful tip for you-if you are sick below the neck (i.e. fever, body aches, stomach issues), don’t workout. If you just have a slight cold (no respiratory issues), you can think about doing a toned down version of your usual routine. Exercise boosts immunity, you know.

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow!


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