A’hoy me mateys

I had a weekend full of pirating, how ’bout you? No, I haven’t taken up a new hobby. I have a newly minted six-year-old, who had a pirate-themed party weekend.

We started off Friday night at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, doing a tour of their special, Real Pirates exhibition.

Not a great photo, but I think you get the gist of things: scary pirate boys.

It was a pretty cool exhibition, though I think Mike and I had more fun than the little guys.

Saturday (the actual birthday) dawned bright and early with this fun surprise for Garrett, and the neighborhood kids.

Our neighbors (and their two dogs) hung this tire swing Friday night and snuck the note onto it early Saturday morning.

Video games? We don’t need no stinkin’ video games! Who needs high-tech when you’ve got an old tire and some thick rope?

The fun just kept coming, when Mike brought out Garrett’s present from Mike us.

Sweet outfit kid.

We spent some time outside, trying out the new toys and eating special waffles, and then, the party prep began.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I’m going to get most of the work done ahead of time, and then just kind of roll on up to the party time, nice and easy, fresh makeup and drink in my hand. Never. Ever. Happens. I don’t know if I do something wrong or if it’s just the nature of parties. Maybe I wasn’t born with the 1950s hostess gene. The point is, we scurried around until people started to arrive. Luckily, it was just a casual, outdoor bbq with some neighbors and a few other friends and family.

So the guests are here, the kids are playing, the beers are cracking and everyone is settling in. It’s time to get our treasure hunt on. Oh yes, a treasure hunt. Because when you throw a pirate party, you must have a treasure hunt. That’s how we roll.

I’d like to take a minute to thank my wonderful neighbor, Miss Jessica, for all her help with the treasure hunt. She’d done a couple before (just for the fun of it, can you imagine? How cool is that mom?), so she knew how to make it the best treasure hunt ever. The kids were in Garrett’s room, out of sight while the treasure hiding was going on, and I was downstairs fiddle fuddling around when I hear a ruckus. I go to the stairs and the ruckus gets louder. Wondering what is happening, I go up. I hear crying. Moaning. Wailing. My birthday boy is sitting in the middle of his bunk bed, head in hands, blood smeared everywhere. This pirate party has just gotten a little too real.

Since I’ve already made this story long enough, here’s the rest, short and sweet. Hit his head on the ceiling fan (don’t ask, don’t tell CPS), and popped a nice gash in his head. Luckily his pirate bandana took the brunt of it, and stanched the blood flow quite a bit. We took a trip to the urgent care, and one hour and three stitches later, the treasure hunt was on! He didn’t want me to take any photos of the injury, or I would put one in here.

The rest of the night was fairly drama free, but by that time I was ready for a bottle of rum and a big hunk of cake. Geesh. Speaking of cake, check this out!

Yes, I made that all by myself. I am very proud, as I am not very great at executing artistic things. Baking, cooking, yes. Crafty, technical, artsy, no.

So that is the tale of the pirate weekend. I think I will stick to hiking in the future. A lot less injuries seem to take place.

Btw, cake details if you want them: two layers, marble cake, vanilla buttercream frosting with marshmallow fondant skull and crossbones. Inspiration came from this website. Pirate candles and “6” candle from Target.

Happy Birthday, Garrett!


8 thoughts on “A’hoy me mateys

  1. Judy-O says:

    Well sign me up for that pirate ship! It reminds me of Betty MacDonald’s books about Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle…who was married to a pirate who buried treasures in the backyard for the children to find…and she lived in an upside-down house and had magical “cures” for children. Delightful…just like all you’re doing with your darling boys.

    • wishfit says:

      The kids all had tons of fun (even Garrett after his little blip), but it was pretty stressful for me! And I didn’t get to take pictures of so much of the stuff (or kids) b/c we were at urgent care. Oh well. Next time.

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