Celebfright–LeAnn Rimes

I had a nice post planned out for you today, really I did. Something important, something relevant, something helpful and informative. But then, just as I was getting ready to start a writin’, I was smacked in the face with this beauty of a photo slideshow, and I just couldn’t help myself. I had to share with you the celeb-fit fright that is LeAnn Rimes. I’m sure most of you are much to intellectual to be trolling msn’s Wonderwall website where I found these pictures, but you may enjoy them in spite of yourself. And if you’ve seen them already, well, a little re-hashing is always fun.

Wowzers. She looks like Skeletor. I normally wouldn’t make fun of people for how they look (at least not in such a public way), but she brings it on herself. She tweets pictures of herself in bikinis night and day, and is always talking about how she isn’t too skinny and eats lots of pizza and ice cream, etc. Big old WHATEVER!

Totally natural pose, not at all designed to show the armpit cleavage she probably paid a lot for. Notice the pointed front foot? How it sets her leg off oh so nicely? And then ba dow! Booty shot.

She is definitely working out–ab muscles are insane, and her arms and shoulders have definition, but what else is she doing to get such low body fat? This picture is probably the best of all of them, but still, something is just off.

I have no words.

This photo is from a shoot she did for a swimwear line she is representing. I can’t even bother to tell you the brand name because we are all going to agree to never buy it!

Photo: fitsugar.com

This is LeAnn’s Shape magazine cover from 2010. Can you see the difference? Please tell me you can. There are two big ones right up top! I don’t think she was any nicer when that cover was shot, but she sure looks a lot healthier. She still has muscle, and is definitely lean and fit, but you can’t count the bones under her skin.

Ok, then. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can spend the rest of the week on much more serious topics. Stay tuned and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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