Show of hands, who knows what we have here? That’s right–spa pedicure chairs. I’ll spare you the picture of my feet.

Some of you may be very familiar with these relaxation pods, so to speak, and how nice for you if you are. I don’t go very often, but when I do, it’s usually because I’m treating myself for something. Yesterday, when I went to a local salon and had one of the best pedicures ever (they used hot stones for goodness sake!), I was enjoying some hard-earned relaxation time. Mike had been out of town for about a week and I needed to de-stress.

Pedicures, among other things, are my way of rewarding myself for a job well done. Whether it’s a week of single parenting, checking off a big to-do list, or a string of awesome workouts, it’s nice to pamper myself sometimes. And here is the key–with things other than food.

One of the most essential elements to achieving goals (besides setting them in the first place), is giving yourself something to look forward to when you complete them. You can’t just power on, scoring goal after goal, if you don’t give yourself a reward for a job well-done. Eventually, you will burn out from lack of fun. But if your goals are weight-related, or if you are just trying to be healthier in general, treating yourself to a big piece of cake is not ideal. You have to find something else that makes you feel indulgent without undoing all the hard work you’ve done.

Here are a couple of other things I like to do for myself:

Makeup shopping, which is even more rare than the pedicures. Even buying basics like eye makeup remover gives me a thrill, but the new eye shadows and hot fall nail colors (dark blue and espresso), will make me happy every time I use them, for weeks, if not months.

The coffee shop. I actually prefer Peet’s over Starbucks, but I’ll take what I can get. I know this is kind of like food (it’s caloric), but I limit myself to a small (tall, whatever), non-fat vanilla latte, which is only about 120 calories, and I usually take a book or my computer and savor some alone time.

Barnes and Noble. Something about all of those glossy magazines (that I can read for free) and the smell of new books makes me feel calm and leisurely even if I only have an hour to spare. I’ve loved this ritual for years, and though I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like, I try to carve out some Barnes and Noble time whenever I can. Football season is coming up, so you know I’ll be spending some weekends there!

One other thing to think about, if you are looking to celebrate achieving wellness goals: choose treats that celebrate wellness, such as:

  • a new outfit (for losing weight)
  • a bubble bath (soothing and relaxing)
  • going to the movies (mental wellness?)
  • a massage (treating your body right)

How about you guys? What do you do to relax? What keeps you fired up about the goals you’ve set? Wait, you haven’t set any goals? Uh, oh, we might need to address that. Post idea?


3 thoughts on “Spa–aaahhhh

  1. Erin Grant says:

    I have that same Two Faced pallet! Two Faced eye shadow is my jam. Even though they discontinued my favorite duo–totally toasted. Can’t go wrong with their pallet collections, though. The one they put out for Alice in Wonderland is amazing. I save it for special occasions or when I’m feeling jazzy.

    PS – I think you should follow and blog about Beyonce’s pregnancy (and post pregnancy) on celebfit. She’s going to rock it.

    • wishfit says:

      I haven’t really gotten to try the pallet yet, but I’m very excited. Another you might like is Urban Decay’s Naked. It’s actually pretty different even though the name is the same.

      As for Be-yon-ce, I am all over that. Thanks for the suggestion.

      You know I was thinking of you when I wrote the whole B&N thing!

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