The quickie

Did you see this post title and think you were redirected to a naughty site? Mind out of the gutter people, mind out of the gutter!

This is a quick post, devoted to quick workouts.


10 minute bouts of exercise do work. The key is to try to fit several into your day (adding up to at least 30 minutes), and to make sure your heart rate gets up to your target level. Check out the post on heart rate monitors to learn more about that.

As I said, the most likely reason for doing this type of quickie workout is that you need to ease into a fitness routine. I’ve done a lot of work with diabetics and the obese, and 10 minute bouts are very effective because they often don’t have the stamina to go for a full 30 minutes, and there are usually orthopedic issues that accompany these conditions. By doing several 10 minute sessions–either back-to-back with adequate rest, or spaced throughout the day–you can build your fitness level gradually, with less stress and strain on joints.

You may also benefit from a quickie session if you are already fit, but want to add more general activity to your day. For example, if you workout hard for an hour a day, but sit at your desk for seven hours, you are still pretty sedentary. Adding in 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, can boost your daily calorie burn, and give you a much-needed computer break. I’ve been benefitting from these mini workouts lately, doing 20 minute am yoga sessions, and walking my dog several days a week. Those extra calories will eventually add up, and I’m really getting a mental boost.

So try taking your pooch on a brisk walk, do some sets of stairs at work, or ride your bike somewhere instead of driving.

One other kind of quickie workout that has excellent health benefits? You know what I mean.


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