Labor day photo album

Howdy! Hope you all had a great long weekend. We accomplished almost none of the productive goals we set, but did get out and have lots of fun. Lets see, hiking, exploring and neighborhood get-togethers, or cleaning, paying bills and setting up a new budget? Well you sure won’t get pictures like these by cleaning your house!

Exploring day 1: Chautauqua in Boulder

Those are the Flatirons you can see on the right side of the picture. So gorgeous and distinct.

You may notice the date on this sign is 8/18. The date on all the other signs (and there were several), said 9/1, and we were there on 9/3. You may also notice it says, “Please consider using another trail.” Did we do that? No we did not. Well, actually, I very seriously considered it, but I was out-voted. “It’s ok mommy, you don’t have to be scared.” Bullshit! Or make that bearshit, which we saw a fresh, steaming pile of right in the middle of the trail we were taking. That was right after the people at another trailhead said that about five minutes ago they had seen a bear sitting on the bridge we just crossed. But whatever, we’re not scared.

Snack break keeps the kids going. Also attracts bears, but I was out-voted again.

This was probably one of the best hikes Graham has done. He walked the whole time, no complaining, no slow-poking, no begging for snacks or water. Maybe he has turned the corner from toddler to hiker.

Exploring day 2: Some trail near some stream near Morrison, CO

(the awesome thing about where we live: you can just hop in the car, drive a little and know you’re gonna see a great trailhead right from the road. Just pull over, park and go.)

Panorama trail, that’s what it was. Pretty view, and again, happy kids. Two days in a row and they rocked!

See what I mean? Rocked, rock climbing, get it?

It’s really hard to get a family picture where at least one person doesn’t look like a total goofball. I think Mike wins this one. Oh well, we had fun.

It was one of those great weekends where everything just seems to flow. No major attitudes, lots of family fun, and a few adult beverages thrown in for kicks. I’d love to hear about some of your Labor Day adventures. I’ll bet you didn’t have to step over bear poop!


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