America’s dairyland

Quick, geography quiz: who knows what state that is?

Yup, it’s Wisconsin, land of cheese, the Packers and me! I’m proud to call Wisconsin my home state, and I’m excited to be taking my boys there for the first time they might actually remember. Well, Garrett anyway.

The boys in their Bucky sweatshirts

Most of my family is still in Wisconsin, and I haven’t been back in several years, so when my parents decided to make the trip, I figured it would be fun to have a reunion. Mike is not going, because Penn State man that he is, he knows he will be in big trouble surrounded by all those Badger fans. And he also has to work, so he says.

This trip will be super-duper fun (that’s how Midwesterners talk don’t cha know), but it will also be a landmine of overindulgence and excuses not to exercise. Traveling tends to have that effect on people, and visiting family in a state known for dairy products and beer does not help.

So for the last few days I have been mentally prepping myself for restraint. I’ve figured out what I will allow (an ice cream cone on campus, some Rocky Rococo pizza, and of course, liquor), and what I won’t (too much pizza, anything with syrup on it and any other general junk that will not enhance the WI experience). The experts say that having a strategy for handling tricky food situations is a great way to avoid totally blowing your diet.

I’m also packing my running shoes, my iPod (loaded with yoga podcasts) and some resistance bands. Will I use them? I’ll let you know when I get back on Monday, and I’ll also fill you in on a great resistance band workout you can do while traveling.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to post during the trip because my laptop is our home computer, and I don’t know if I can strip Mike of technology for five days. Plus, the internet is a little spotty where I’m going. But I’ll be back as scheduled on Tuesday with lots of fun stories, pictures and a rundown of my lack of workouts while I was away.

I’ll leave you with this. You MUST watch it!


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