Nothin’ in the fridge

What do husbands eat when they are home alone? If my refrigerator is any indication, fire roasted green chiles, humus and pickles. That’s all I found in my fridge when I got home late last night from my WI trip. Correction: I found a lot of old junk that wasn’t fit to eat, and once I cleaned all that out, I was left with what you see above.

So today I spent the post-school bus (Garrett) pre-nap (Graham) hours unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning the house and food shopping. I didn’t mind the food shopping, I guess, because after five days eating Wisconsin fare, I was ready to clean up my diet. Let’s just say I was not an angel on my trip. But more about that when I get all the pictures uploaded and sorted.

Today you get a run-down of my healthy pantry re-stock.

First I went to Costco, where I discovered they are no longer carrying several lunchbox staples. Bye bye squeezie applesauce, pre-packaged whole wheat crackers and humus and kid’s Clif Bars (those are for me). What will I put in Garrett’s lunch now?

You know I try to pack healthy stuff for Garrett, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like convenience. So I do use packaged stuff as long as it doesn’t have a lot of added sugar and preservatives. As for the Clif Bars, sometimes you need a quick snack in your purse when you’re done at the gym, and have another hour of errands to run. The kid’s size is really enough for any adult. Take the chocolate chip flavor: the kid’s Z Bar has 130 calories, versus 240 for the adult version. Yes there is sugar, yes there is other stuff I can’t pronounce. I’m not saying I eat five a day, every day. It’s just an emergency bar.

Anyway, with those products gone, I was forced to get creative, and add some more real food to the daily intake. Nothing wrong with that.

Here’s what I bought:

The entire haul, a little over $100, including Costco and King Soopers.


Fresh fruit and veggies

“Mix” as we call it in our house. Almonds, cashews, craisins and a little bit of dark chocolate.

Strawberries for breakfast, or cut up and mixed with yogurt for lunch. Lettuce for salads (I like to use cottage cheese instead of dressing). Little tomatoes for salads or to chop up in a salsa fresca. I also bought some blue and whole grain tortilla chips, thinking that pairing those with the salsa would be another lunch idea. Pea pods, peppers and carrots to dip in a greek yogurt dip I’m going to experiment with.

Incidentally, my cousin Jan brought veggies and dip to a party on Sunday, and the carrots were so good. Why? Because they were real carrots instead of those sad, watery little baby carrots. I’d forgotten how much I like carrots when they taste like carrots. Thanks Jan!

A delicious fall dessert treat: caramel dip and green apples. The stuff at the store was so full of junk, I decided to look for a recipe and make my own. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

So there you have it. Now I have a happy fridge, and some new ideas for the old, “what’s in my lunchbox, mom?” If my caramel and yogurt dips turn out well I’ll share the recipes.

Any great lunch or snack ideas out there? I kinda hate lunch. If I could eat breakfast and dinner, and just take a pill for lunch I’d be happy.

Btw: missed you guys!


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