Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t just send off a quick bit of love for my man, Kyle Chandler. You know I was watching the Emmys last night, and you know I was cheering when he FINALLY won best actor in a drama series after five years of being slighted. Maybe I even teared up a bit. Have you watched the show? It’ll do that do you.

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Here I think he’s saying, “It’s about freakin’ time you gave me an Emmy for my constant display of awesome sexiness!” Or not. I guess Coach Taylor would never say something like that. He’d just set his manly jaw and squint his sleepy eyes and be strong and silent until someone finally came to their senses and handed him his statue. Coach, for you I would fall in love with football.

Now, if only Connie Britton had won, I could die happy.

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Really? What were those Emmy folks thinking? She could win on hotness alone, but she is oh, so much more. Together, they are magic. You think I’m overstating? Watch. the. show.

Texas Forever!


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