Fall recipe series–caramel dip

I hope you all had a great weekend.

We had lots of fun and activity around here, but nothing really blog-worthy, so today I’m going to share the caramel dip recipe I mentioned last week. I was planning to post just the one recipe when inspiration hit! It’s basically fall, and I LOVE fall, particularly fall food, so why not feature an occasional favorite recipe? And almost as if it were typed by the hand of God Himself, the fall recipe series was born. Do you hear the angels singing? I think I almost did after I tried this dip.

You may remember my reason for trying to make my own dip was that the store-bought dips had too much junk in them. If I’m gonna eat sugar, I like it pure, baby! So I decided to try making my own. I did a quick little search on my iPhone, while at the store, and came up with this popular recipe. It seemed fairly simple, and it was. Caramel candies, cream cheese, brown sugar and a little water. I also took the advice of a reviewer and added a splash of vanilla. I love being a cook who makes things with a splash or a pinch or a dash. Who knows how much you’re really supposed to put in? You just go by feel.

Yummy, melted ear wax. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist, and trust me, your kids will love that reference. It looks super gross, but it made my house smell-tastic. My advice; let the caramel melt slowly. Don’t be in a big hurry or you could burn it.

Here we have the melted caramel next to the creamed brown sugar and cream cheese. I used fat-free, and it turned out just fine. My tip here; let the cream cheese sit out to soften while you melt the caramel, then make sure you really mix it well. I was a little lazy and things turned out a bit lumpy. Still tasty, but again, looks kind of unappetizing.

This photo just made me feel all cooking show-ish.

The final product. As I said, little grainy but oh so tasty. I don’t know if the texture is because of the fat-free cheese or what? Maybe I should have let the caramel cool a little? I’m no expert here, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. It sure didn’t keep me from eating it.

I’m not usually a green apple fan, but the sweet dip and the puckery apples were the perfect taste marriage. This recipe makes a pretty generous amount of dip, so it would be great for a small dinner party, a kids’ party or maybe to keep in the fridge for a few days.

I hope you likey!

Btw, anyone else giggle a little inside when you say the word dip?


3 thoughts on “Fall recipe series–caramel dip

    • wishfit says:

      Glad you were moved to try it! 🙂 I think it would be great with other stuff besides apples, like brie, graham crackers or bananas (yuck!). Though most of that is not as healthy! Enjoy.

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