Oil me up

Have you ever noticed I like to headline my posts with titles that suggest something slightly naughty? Like, this, thisthis and especially this. But then it ends up being pretty tame after all. Call me a tease, but I just like to sneak in little fun where I can.

Today is no exception, because despite the somewhat titillating title, I’m just writing a post about massage. Oh wait, that actually could be bad.

This grainy photo is as crazy as it gets today, folks. Know why the quality is so poor? Because a spa is a magical place, where the light is always dim, the music soft, and the gurgle of unseen fountains mixes with the scent of essential oils to lull you into another state of consciousness.

That’s me, pre-massage with a nice, warm neck pillow thing draped over my shoulders to help me relax. As if the thought of a massage isn’t relaxing enough!

I started getting massages in college, when I worked at a gym and had an employee discount. It used to be an occasional treat, but since I’ve become much more active, and since I jacked my back, I have regular deep tissue work as a therapeutic measure. You think I’m lying right? Like that’s some kind of excuse to pay for an hour or so of pure bliss? I think that’s Mike’s opinion, but I promise, that is not the case. I’d say the ratio of pain to relaxation is about 10:2, but man, it hurts so good.

Just because I base a good massage on the pain factor, doesn’t mean you have to. There is a massage to match every need. Spend a lot of time hunched over in your car, driving to a job where you hunch over your desk, cursing the entire time? A hot stone or swedish massage could help undo those knots and de-stress. Is a nagging injury keeping you from the activities you love? Sports massage might get you back on the field. There’s even prenatal massage to pamper expectant mothers. Want to learn more about how massage can help you? Check out this great article, with information about the benefits of massage, and the different modalities you can choose from, as well as some tips on how to pick a great therapist.

Oh, and because I know you are wondering, it’s totally normal to be totally nekkid for your massage. In fact, it’s easier for the therapist that way. Don’t worry, the important bits will always be covered with a sheet and/or blanket.

So let’s share; ever had a massage? What’s your favorite kind? Is there anything worse than a bad massage? I mean, I’d rather have no massage than a bad one. It makes me so mad to pay for such a bummer, I end up more stressed than I was before. Does anyone else think it’s amusing that they always call to remind you of your appointment? Like, who is going to FORGET that they have a massage coming up. Not me, that’s for sure.

Btw, I’d like to give a shout out to my awesome massage therapist, Georgia. She works at the Life Spa Salon at Lifetime Fitness in Centennial, CO, and yes, that is a shameless plug so that maybe she will hook me up with free massages.


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