Mojo baby


I think I got my mojo back. I felt it stir last Thursday when I had a good workout at the gym. Nothing new or special, it just felt like it used to when I was really workin’ it. But you have to be careful, because mojo scares easily, so I tried not to think about it too much.

Then last night, I went to the gym again, and there it was, a little more bold, a little more insistent. Yup, it was definitely my mojo.  It’s still weak and wobbly, but I’m hoping it will stick around so I can pump it up a bit.

The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize how sad I was about losing it until I realized I might be able to get it back.

Everyone has ebbs and flows to their fitness. Even elite athletes experience down times, though for them it might be more like, “Oh, I only feel like running a half marathon today, instead of a full marathon. What’s wrong with me?” For others, the ebb might be their whole life, until suddenly, they wake up weighing 300 lbs. and realize it’s time to flow.

For me, my back injury, and then my move to Colorado put me into a serious downturn. Some of my reasons were legitimate; it’s hard to really push it when you are afraid to make your bed because your back feels like it’s gonna go. But I think there were other factors too. I was trying to fit into a new place, get my kids settled, figure out what direction I was going to go for work–build a whole new life I guess. I missed my job and my friends, and I missed the atmosphere of support and motivation they both offered.

Don’t misunderstand, fitness has remained a big part of my life these last months–the proof is right here on this blog–but I was never in that “flow state,” a term coined to explain the feeling you get when you are fully engaged, and everything seems to fall into place.

The thing is, that kind of funk is gonna happen. Maybe you are in it right now. Or maybe you are so excited about a new workout plan and your great results that you don’t see how your motivation could ever wane. But it will. Your weight will plateau, or you’ll get the flu or your job will stress you out, and all of a sudden, working out is the last thing on your list. I’m here to tell you, if you stick with it, trudge on through even when it’s hard, you will get that mojo back.

I leave you with this thought from my friend’s Facebook page. Tracie, you definitely got that mojo workin’ girl!


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