4 tips to rock your mojo

Right now, I am sitting in a dirty, depressing car dealership service department, waiting to see how much they are going to charge me for fixing my rear view mirror. It just fell off my windshield as I was driving this morning. Scared the crap out of me.

Anyway, not a whole lot of fitness inspiration here. My smarty pants cousin, Krista (who recently moved here and is likely to be my partner in crime for the forseeable future), suggested I do a post about workout routines at the service station. Hmmmmm

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Maybe not.

Instead, I will build on my post from yesterday, and share some suggestions for getting/keeping your mojo.

  • Set a goal. Duh, right. Everyone knows you are supposed to set goals when you want to accomplish something. But how many people actually write it down and look at it as a reminder? My guess: you know that friend you have who is training for her first marathon, or the coworker who has lost 25 lbs. by bringing a healthy lunch to work every day? They wrote down those goals. Taking the time to envision what you want, writing down the steps needed to get there, building a time frame for doing it, and tracking your progress really. does. work.
  • Motivate, motivate, motivate. Setting goals brings a sense of excitement, but that may not last long enough to fulfill the goal, so you have find ways to keep the fires burning. A mantra, a list of reasons posted on your bathroom mirror, daily quotes in your e-mail inbox to pump you up, even a favorite workout playlist. It works for Allyson Reneau, a mom of 11, who is pursuing her master’s degree at Harvard,

“I do three things when I get up in the morning: I read inspirational material — for me it’s the Bible — and then I head into the kitchen and I drink a sparkling energy drink. I say to myself, ‘Allyson, are you going to be a weenie or a hot dog? I go run outside, and when I get back from my run, I feel like my morning mojo is going and then I execute. I seize the day and I don’t do slow. I won’t let anybody steal my mojo.”

  • Build a support system. Find people and places that inspire you to stick to your plan. See if your friends are open to a girl’s hike out, instead of a girl’s night out. Ask your significant other to skip the nightly bowl of ice cream (or at least have it when you’re not around) so you won’t be tempted too.
  • Plan for set-backs. Stuff happens, and you can let these blips derail your plan altogether, or you can have a strategy in place. When life gets busy, you can cut your workout time to an intense 15 minutes instead of your usual 45. If you catch a simple cold, you can keep active on a milder level. For heaven’s sake, don’t go to yoga and breathe deeply all over everyone, but you can take an easy walk or maybe even a mellow swim. Exercise boosts immunity, you know. Anything more severe than a cold, you probably want to rest until your symptoms abate. Listen to your body and take it slow.

Now, my car is done, and so am I. Hope you found some helpful hints, or maybe you have some of your own to share.

BTW, check out this page if you are looking for some inspiration. 

Happy mojo!


4 thoughts on “4 tips to rock your mojo

    • wishfit says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! How did you find my blog? Anyway, I’m glad you liked the post. Your mom sounds like an awesome lady–definitely an inspiration.

  1. John Dale Reneau says:

    You’re welcome. After watching the TODAY show interview with my mom yesterday, I was kind of curious as to any feedback on the story around the web. I did a Google search for my mother’s name, and your blog popped up. 🙂 Loved it! As not all of the feedback has been positive, yours was/is a breath of fresh air. Besides, all of us, from mom & dad on down, are a very health & fitness driven family. Your blog certainly lines up with who we are. Thank you! Be blessed. 🙂

    • wishfit says:

      Since my blog is fairly new, I’m so happy you found it with a search. Again, thanks for your comments. I’m surprised there was any negative feedback to your mom’s story! She sounds like an impressive lady, with a great family!

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