Five minutes of torture

This morning I went to my chiropractor’s office for my first torture session, otherwise known as the Graston Technique. Yowza!


Unfortunately, none of those instruments is actually a bottle opener for a frosty adult beverage. Instead, they are tools used to diagnose and treat muscle, ligament and joint injuries.

Maybe I should back up a minute. I know people have widely varied opinions about chiropractic, ranging from, best thing ever to quack. My own husband gets very nervous whenever I mention I’m going to the chiropractor. I’ve been going to different chiropractors on and off for years, and find treatment to be very helpful. I suppose I’m somewhat biased, as my uncle and now my cousin are both excellent chiropractors.

So bottom line, when it comes to chiropractic treatment, I’m in.

I haven’t had an adjustment since we moved to Colorado, though. I didn’t have a doctor, and I just wasn’t feeling like it was the thing I needed right now. But then my massage therapist, Georgia, recommended her chiropractor, so I decided to give it a go.

I went to see Dr. Lisa Goodman, DC on Monday, and I liked her right away. She sort of reminded me of, well, me, except smarter. What I loved was how excited she was about her job. When she started talking to me about what she thinks is going on with my hips and back, her enthusiasm was obvious. Like she really is that stoked about a psoas injury. Well, not the injury, but fixing it. That’s just how I feel when I get going about fitness and disease management through exercise.

Based on her diagnosis and treatment plan, I scheduled my first Graston session. If you are interested, you can check out their website by clicking on the link here.

I’m also including a video from Dr. Goodman’s website.

It’s too soon to tell what benefit, if any, I’ll get from these sessions, but I finally feel like I have some hope. I’ll put up with just about anything if the end result is a better back.


5 thoughts on “Five minutes of torture

  1. Papa says:

    Oops! Missed that anniversary. Sorry. Kinda glad that when Mike asked me for permission to marry you and I said no that he ignored me. Keep it real, or some other last century saying like that.

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