Date hike

Kind of like date night, but, you know, a hike.

When I’m out with my boys, and I’m trying to wrangle one of them into holding my hand (or sitting nicely at a restaurant table, etc.) I’ll often ask one of them to be my date. It seems to make them feel special, and for awhile anyway, they do what I want them to do. I’ve taken that idea one step further by occasionally planning an outing with one of them, just the two of us.

Today, with Garrett still on fall break, and Graham at preschool, I figured it was the perfect time for a little mother-son bonding. Because between us, dear readers, my older son has been in a big ‘ol punk phase lately, and I thought a little extra attention might help. And since we love to get outside and do anything that will burn off little boy energy, we decided to take a hike.

We had fun, with no punk-a-tude in sight for almost two whole hours!

Meadow something hike in Deer Creek Canyon Park.

My budding paleontologist/geologist/anthropologist (it’s so hard to choose just one).

Can you make out the deer in this photo? There were about six of them on the side of the road as we drove home. Deer are pretty common, I know, but something like that still makes my day.

It’s too soon to tell if the date hike lead to any lasting attitude adjustment, but it sure was a nice way to spend a gorgeous fall afternoon.

Btw, if anyone has any tips for handling a six-year-old who acts like a teenager, I’ll take ’em.


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