Snow is in the air

Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and we were doing this:

This morning, it was 29 degrees, and we were doing this:

Yes, we still walked to school. Why? Because we are tough, and no stinking snow is going to make us take the bus! Plus, yesterday Morgie got a new lease on life, and I thought she deserved a walk in her favorite kind of weather.

Long story short, we found a nasty lump on her chest, did some internet consulting, panicked and thought she was going to die. She is over 12 years-old after all. I took her to the vet yesterday and found the lump had shrunk (maybe a severe allergic reaction), and she is actually in excellent health. We even got some new supplements and pain meds to help with her painful hips and knee. So she should be feeling like a new dog in a few days, and ready to enjoy another winter.

Of course this being Colorado, tomorrow the snow will all be gone, and we are climbing back toward the 60s for the weekend. But for now, Morgan and I are making the most of it.

On the way home from dropping Garrett at school, we saw these deer. Seven in all, four of them bucks. In the middle of the suburbs. Pretty cool.

Btw, if you have a good ‘ol dog like I do, you might like reading this article I came across a few weeks ago.


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