Spreading the love

The last few days I’ve noticed myself saying versions of this a lot: “wow, I love that!”  So I decided, why not spread the love and share some of the stuff that’s given me a little thrill. Kind of like Oprah’s favorite things, or Martha’s good things, but not as famous. One day, my friends, one day.

  1. Chicken Tiki Masala crock pot recipe: I’ve never attempted to make Indian food before, but I like it, so when I saw a post about this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Eat, Live, Run, I decided to give it a try. A.Maze.Ing! Here is the post about the dish, with the recipe here. Scroll all the way down past the pictures to get to the actual recipe. Full Disclosure: I try to cook low-fat, low-cal dishes 90 percent of the time, and most of the recipes I share with you are of the healthy variety, or I’ve tried to lighten them up a bit . But every once in awhile, you just have to go for the gusto. This dish is a little heavy, so you might save it for a special occasion. It also makes a lot, so it would be great for a small dinner party. I did lighten it up some. I sauteed the chicken in two batches (instead of four, thereby using only two tablespoons of butter, one per batch), and I used  two tablespoons of butter in the sauce, rather than four. I also used just one cup of heavy cream instead of 1.5 cups. I don’t know how the original tastes, but my version was pretty great. Everyone asked for seconds.
  2. Yoga Journal’s deep hip openers podcast/video featuring Jason Crandell: As I told you in this post, I’ve been trying to practice yoga at home a few times a week. That got a little derailed with our trip and the nasty sinus infection I developed (downward dog + snot = not good), but I’m back at it, and my tight hips are luh,hu,huving this series. I can’t seem to find the exact link for the podcast anymore, but here is the video. Also, here is a link to a ton of Yoga Journal podcasts, available on itunes.
  3. Experience L!fe magazine: Except for the awkward exclamation point in the title (hello, P!nk already did that), this magazine is chock full of fresh and helpful information about health, fitness and wellness. It’s like the editors are reading my mind, because every time I get a new issue, there are tons of articles addressing topics I’m thinking about . . . RIGHT NOW. Weird huh? Check out the current issue and you’ll be privy to my thoughts too.

So, what are you thinking about? Anything float your boat lately? It doesn’t have to be fitness related, though obviously that would be the most appropriate thing to share here. But clearly, appropriate is not always a guiding force in my life so, I’ll take whatever you’ve got!


6 thoughts on “Spreading the love

  1. Erin says:

    I’m thinking about you! I had a super vivid dream that I came to visit you! Actually ‘barged into your life’ might be a better description. I came unannounced. Don’t worry, you were totally hospitable even though I was life-crashing. Maybe this means I should make a (planned) visit sometime. Ooooh, and you could meet Andres!

  2. Judy-O says:

    Aaaaah….there’s always room for one more, isn’t there? At least that’s been my theory. Caramelize another onion, mash another potato…it’s all good.

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