Halloween hint

We love Halloween in the wishfit house. Well, the dressing up part anyway. The candy part drives me crazy–I wish we could just go out trick-or-treating all night without being stuck with a bunch of candy at the end.

So what to do with all of that loot? There are a couple of ways to handle it. You can let your kids (and you?) go crazy for that one night, and then the next day, bye, bye sugar shock. Your family might have such a sugar hangover they won’t even be sad to see it go. And if you feel guilty dumping all of the goodies in the trash, check out this website  to see if your local dentist participates in the Halloween Candy Buyback. It’s a great program that sends care packages to deployed military troops, and helping those in need might lessen the blow to your kids when they find out they don’t get to keep all of their hard-earned candy.

The other option, and this requires massive willpower, is to parcel out the candy over the next few weeks, or even months. If you are the kind of parent who can put all that sugary temptation in the back of the pantry and dole it out to your kids a bit at a time, good on ya! No way that is happening in my house, so I’m inclined to do the buyback program.

Finally, you could choose a compromise between the two. Set aside a week’s worth of treats, and then get rid of the rest however you see fit.

I’d love to hear any other confessions suggestions about Halloween candy, or just Halloween stories in general. What are you planning to be? Favorite costume ever? Send pictures if you’ve got a good one, and I’ll post it!

Until then,


5 thoughts on “Halloween hint

  1. terry says:

    You are awesome. You teach us….you inspire us….you make us laugh. Your site is one I would never miss…
    Have a Happy Halloween!!!

  2. Judy-O says:

    There’s also having a Halloween treat…and then “feeding” all the rest of the candy to the Sugar Plum Fairies who use it to make life sweet in their own special ways. You just set the bagful of treats out (like you would leave cookies for Santa)…and in the morning all the sugary treats are magically gone.

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