Fall fun run

Graham is an athlete. Sunday he did his first ever fun run, taking part in the Pike’s Peak Road Runners Kid’s Fall Series in Colorado Springs.

A few months ago he got the idea of a fun run in his head, and we were finally able to find one that would work. Not to be outdone by his little brother, Garrett decided to do the run too, though they each took part in a different race, with a distance appropriate for their age group.

Garrett did the Primary run, and Graham did the Preschool run. They were successful.

Here’s Graham warming up.

Mike leading the boys in essential pre-race stretching.

And he’s off!

He ran the whole race.

Finish line–whew, tired but proud.

Then it was Garrett’s turn. He did a half mile trail run, and apparently enjoyed the whole thing.

Even the uphill.

They both had fun, but I think Mike and I had the best time. I was especially proud of Graham, who as I’ve mentioned, is not always the most coordinated kid. Coming around the bend to the finish line, he looked so intense, and when he got his little ribbon, he was so proud.

Growing up, I was never super athletic. I wasn’t great at team sports, and didn’t really like them very much. All of that pressure! Plus, as a child I struggled with asthma, so I convinced myself that athletics weren’t for me. Then, after high school, I started to dabble a little with weight training, indoor cycling, hiking and running. I realized that there was more to being active than just group sports; other ways to excel and be coordinated than kicking a soccer ball or hitting a softball. That was when exercise and fitness started to become important to me, and when I gained the confidence I was lacking as a kid. That’s why I think things like fun runs for kids are so wonderful. It’s a way to show them that even if they get picked last for the basketball team in P.E., they can be successful in a wide range of non-traditional activities, like running, mountain biking, rock climbing or even just hiking.

How about you, readers? Were you captain of the football team in high school? Did you take up curling as a 40-year-old mother of three? Or are you still searching for the perfect sporty fit? Kickboxing perhaps?

Btw, Happy Halloween!!! Enjoy, be safe and have tons of fun. We have some fun costumes planned here, so I’ll have pictures and an update tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “Fall fun run

  1. Judy-O says:

    Geez…I got all teary about their successes and the fun they had achieving their goals. I’m cheering from Albuquerque!

  2. Erin Grant says:

    Andres and I started the Couch to 5k program. Today was the first day of week 5. It’s totally addicting! I like running (ok, jogging)..who knew?! And the best part? You were the inspiration! Andres keeps reminding me that we need to revisit your heart monitor post because he wants to get invest in them for us. 🙂

    • wishfit says:

      Hurray! So proud of you guys. I know a lot of people who’ve done that program and loved it. Have you signed up for a race? If you like running on your own, you will love that. It’s a really fun feeling to be around all of those people. It was even like that at the kid’s run.

  3. Bev says:

    What fantastic photos! The guys look so into it and clearly are having a great time. Way to go!! And, here’s my contribution to finding a fun sporty fit … starting Zumba at age 62. Do I look like I think I can dance? Nope! But do I keep movin’ to the beat? Absolutely!

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