Celeb fit–bump day

Today I bring you a special edition of celeb fit–pregnant celebs. Bump day, hump day, Wednesday, get it?

My favorite pregnant celebrity is Jennifer Garner. She is just so stinkin’ normal. Though she’s obviously gorgeous, it’s in a regular woman kind of way. Plus, she seems like the kind of person I’d like to hang out with

Except when she looks like this.

Photo: gossiptwist.com

Then there is Jessica Simpson. I’m glad that whole is she/isn’t she nonsense is over. Obviously she is. No amount of Red Robbin and Chili’s leads to weight gain in just your belly. And, though Jess is not a shining example of any kind of fitness, I felt it would be an oversight to leave her off the list.

Photo: popsugar.com

Of course there is the luminous Beyonce. She is the original inspiration for this post (thanks Erin G.), and so far, she is doing it well.

Photo: iamjojo.com

Hilary Duff makes the list for her frequent workout sessions. Most of the pregnancy pics I’ve seen of her lately show her leaving pilates or some other workout. Lookin’ good, Hilary. Keep it up.

Photo: blogsbabble.com

Could Keri Russell be any cuter? She’s the kind of pregnant girl other pregnant girls hate. All baby, no booty.

Photo: socialitelife.com

Finally, Nia Long, who looks phenomenal on the November cover of Essence Magazine.

Photo: frequencynews.com

With the exception of Hilary Duff, I have no idea if any of these women are exercising during their pregnancy. But I do know that if you are pregnant you could, and should be exercising. That is if you are not constantly vomiting, which makes it challenging to do much at all.

Despite the fact that exercise during a normal pregnancy has been shown to be safe and beneficial to both mother and baby, many pregnant women still avoid workouts. I know it’s not always the first thing you want to do when you’re expecting. Forming a life is hard, tiring work. But the benefits of prenatal exercise are varied and significant. Not only will you keep your weight gain in check, and lose those post-pregnancy pounds quicker, but your delivery will be easier (not easy! easier). Exercise also eases pregnancy aches and pains, helps you sleep better and reduces stress. Plus, studies show that your developing baby even benefits from your regular workout routine.

Obviously I’m not suggesting you run your first marathon while pregnant, but consistent, moderate, cardiovascular exercise and strength training are safe and effective for most women. And contrary to popular belief, it can be ok to begin a new exercise program when you are pregnant. Just check with your doctor, take it slow and consult a trainer with pre-natal exercise experience. A few other tips:

  • drink plenty of water
  • never exercise to the point of exhaustion
  • never workout through pain–if you experience abdominal pain, spotting or bleeding, stop your workout immediately
  • remember, your center of gravity changes during pregnancy–stick to simple routines and be mindful of your form
  • if you feel light-headed or short of breath, stop what you’re doing, sit down and drink some fluid

Remember, always talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Btw, has any one else been thinking about the whole, bump day, hump day thing? Like how a hump day is how you get to bump day? No? Ok, just me that is super immature then.


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