Get your groove on

As far as I’m concerned, music is essential to a good workout. If you read this post, you know my music taste runs a little toward the profane, but it’s not just the language that gets me going. The beat, the message or the artist can all impact whether or not it makes my playlist. And let me be clear: my favorite workout music is not necessarily my favorite everyday music, though there is some crossover.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled across this article, titled, “November’s Top Ten Workout Tracks” on Wonderwall today. Turns out reading online gossip is beneficial after all! The article mentions, a popular workout music site where you can subscribe to weekly e-mails listing new or favorite workout music. Membership is free, and the site groups songs by genre and tempo. You can even listen to short samples of music, and then click to purchase on itunes or Amazon. Here’s the song I just bought after finding it on the site.

Warning: this video is a little graphic, in a goofy way

This may be right up your alley (you know I know who you are!), or not your taste at all. Once you find what works for you, search for more of the same. Like I said, just because you wouldn’t listen to it on your morning commute doesn’t mean you won’t love it for your after-work cardio session. I get a ton of my workout music from teeny bopper pop and club/dance mixes, but I’m not listening to Cascada while I’m driving my kids to school.

Look for a quick or driving beat, lyrics that pump you up or an artist whose style and attitude motivates you. A few of my go-to songs:

  • most anything by P!nk, who has the attitude and the beat thing going for her
  • Tom Petty, “Runnin’ Down A Dream,” which is an awesome song to run to. Try matching the tempo with your pace on the treadmill for the whole 4:22 minutes of the song. Whew
  • Ke$ha, as previously mentioned here and at the end of this post, here
  • Florence + The Machine, “Dog Days Are Over,” which I really like as a warm up song. It starts quietly, and then the volume and energy rises
  • Simple Plan, “Take My Hand,” one of my all-time favorites for an interval workout. Fast-paced, a little angry, with lyrics like, “Sometimes I feel like everybody’s got a problem, sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them.”
  • Freestylers, “Painkiller,” which is another great interval track, with edgy lyrics and a hard-hitting beat

I can start a workout feeling sluggish and unmotivated, but when one of these songs hits my ears, my heart rate speeds up, and my intensity kicks in. Music turns a ho-hum workout into a calorie- and stress-blasting fun session.

I’d love to hear what you’re sweatin’ to these days. Would you like to thank me for exposing you to a whole new world of fantastic workout music, or do you think I’m ruining my brain with the junk I’m listening to? I hope you enjoy at least one of my song suggestions, or maybe find something new to love on Run Hundred.


3 thoughts on “Get your groove on

  1. Erin Grant says:

    I’ve been using mixes off Rock My Run. Love the diversity and they release new mixes every Monday! I will never forget riding in your car after going to the San Diego Zoo and Garrett saying that he wanted you to play the “angry song”…ie Pink’s ‘Say What.’

    • wishfit says:

      Oh that’s funny. I don’t remember that. I remember him singing the Plain White T’s, “Hey there Delilah.” He’d go, “Ooohhhhh do me” Instead of “Oh, it’s what you do to me.” I checked out that website–I’d never heard of it. I like it! Thanks for sharing.

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