Heart rate monitor, part deux

I got a new toy!

Photo: sportlantis.com

Isn’t she purty?

This was my old heart rate monitor–a Polar F6.

Photo: roslynrawlinson on flickr

She was a good one while she lasted, but recently I lost part of the chest strap. I decided rather than replace the strap (not cheap), I’d  just get a new monitor. The price wasn’t that different, and I was in the mood for an updated watch.

So I visited my favorite online heart rate monitor vendor, www.heartratemonitorsusa.com, and picked out the new model. It’s really not all that new–I think it came out sometime last year–but it’s new to me! If you are in the market for a new monitor, I’d encourage you to check out this website. They’ve got a great selection, free shipping and extended return policy for the holidays. I received my monitor just a couple of days after I ordered it, and they gave me a small discount for “turning in” my old monitor. Basically, I told them I had an old one, asked how to do a trade in for credit, and got the discount code without actually having to mail the old system back. Nice.

Oh, and they are having a big sale on Polar models, so if you’ve been debating, now might be the time to click on “purchase.”

I was pleasantly surprised with the improvements in the chest strap since I bought old greenie a few years ago. The new strap is softer, better material and easier to get a signal to the watch. It also seems to lay flatter under a shirt or sports bra, and stays put better than the older kind.

So far, I’m loving it. And as I mentioned in this post here, just getting a new “toy” can give your workouts a boost. It’s fun and motivating to get updated equipment, and I’m enjoying having my monitor back after several months without one. It really does push you during a workout, and enables you to train smarter if you have specific goals.

For more information on purchasing a heart rate monitor, check out this post.

Convinced to buy a monitor? Stay tuned for upcoming posts about how to maximize your interval training using your monitor, and maybe, just maybe, a playlist for an interval workout.

Btw, Heart Rate Monitors USA in no way endorsed or perked me for this post. I just really like their products and customer service.


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