Try, try again

If you’ve been following wishfit for a while (thanks by the way!), you may have noticed a pattern. I’ve had a lot of stops and starts in my fitness regimen. Don’t remember what I’m referring to? How about this post, and this one, oh yeah, and this one too.

It wasn’t always that way. Almost exactly a year ago, I was in arguably the best shape of my life. Or at least since I’d had kids. I was teaching at least two RPM classes a week, running, lifting, practicing yoga and swimming. Often I’d even workout twice a day.

Here I am with Mike and some friends at a wedding. This was taken last October, shortly before I injured my back, and I haven’t been the same since.

I look at this picture often, not because I think I look so great, but because it represents a high point for me in my wellness journey. I felt good. I felt strong and fit and comfortable in my body. That’s no small feat for me, and it’s something I think many women struggle with. This picture reminds me of how that felt, and I look at it to inspire myself when I’m struggling with where I am now. “See,” I tell myself, “you did it once, you can do it again.”

Maybe some of you have a picture like this. Something that takes you back to a time when you felt your best. Please don’t confuse that with trying to squeeze into a pair of  jeans that fit you twenty years and three kids ago. I’m not talking about goals that may or may not be realistic. I’m talking about a feeling. Confidence, ease, health, however you would describe it.

Maybe you don’t have a picture. Maybe you’ve battled your body your whole life, never quite getting to the place I’m talking about. Trust me, I know those feelings too. But I’ll bet if you try, you can imagine what it might be like to feel that way. Go ahead, try it. Don’t envision perfect thighs or a skinny waist. Think about how you would feel, moving through life in a body that was working at its best.

That’s true wellness. And the secret to finding it isn’t to be at peak fitness all of the time. It’s just not possible. Even elite athletes ebb and flow in their fitness regimen. Those who find wellness understand they will meet challenges like injury, pregnancy, illness or stress and lack of time. But they also know that those things aren’t a signal to throw up their hands and quit.

Whenever you feel discouraged about where you are now, the choices you’ve made or the gap between your current self and the self you dream of, you can think of that beautiful version of yourself and remember, “It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” (George Eliot)


3 thoughts on “Try, try again

    • wishfit says:

      I am really missing it, but I’m doing physical therapy right now, and they are advising me to take it just a little slower. I’m doing a few gentle podcasts with poses I know I can handle, and looking forward to when I can get back to your class! Thanks so much for the note, and for reading.

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