I can’t imagine anything better than dinner that cooks itself while you are gone, and is perfectly done when you arrive home in the evening. Except for maybe a house that cleans itself. Oh wait, that’s called a housekeeper, and I don’t have one of those. I guess I’ll have to be content with my crockpot, the machine of wonder behind all of those delicious stewy meals.

The crockpot was one of the first things Mike and I agreed upon for our wedding registry, and nine years later, it’s still a great little chef. So I had no reason to upgrade when I walked past the display of newer, bigger, shinier, programable-er crockpots at Costco a few weeks ago. I walked back and forth in front of that pyramid of boxes several times before deciding, no, I don’t need a new one. The old one works just fine.

Cut to this week, where that same crockpot was on sale for a whopping $24.99 plus tax. How could I pass up a 7-quart, oval-shaped (perfect for roasting meat), programable, stainless steel finish crockpot? Well, I couldn’t.

So this puppy came home with me. Oh yeah.

Did I mention it has a “Little Dipper” for hot dips? It does.

Mike thinks it is way too big for our family of four, but considering we are having 20 people in for Thanksgiving, I think the ability to cook mess hall quantities of food is going to come in handy. Did I mention 20 people? Starting to arrive today? Most from out of town? Yes, I think a 7-quarter will be just right.

Now since this is a health and fitness blog, I suppose I should say something about the nutritional advantages of crockpot cooking. Actually, there are many, including the fact that you can cook lots of healthy, veggie-based soups, and you can “roast” your own chicken (great lean protein, especially when you know where that chicky comes from and what is on it).

First recipe to christen the new crockpot? Probably a vat of this chicken tiki masala.

Interested in firing up your own crockpot? Check out Fix-It And Forget-It, or Fix-It And Forget It, Lightly.


4 thoughts on “Crockpottin’

  1. Trish's Mom says:

    Actually this is from Trish”s dad. I hijacked mom”s account. Great new crock pot! Thought we would have to bring ours along from Sacramento. See you Tuesday at abt 9:30. Hope u are still picking us up.

  2. Vicki says:

    I bought the same one at my Costco. I busted it out on Sunday. Threw in a couple of frozen chicken breasts, celery carrots onion, red wine, water, herbs & spices and let ‘er rip for 5 hrs. Am not thrilled with results, very blah bland. So wish me better luck next time.

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