Cold? It’s not stinking cold!

Sunday we spent an hour or so doing this:

Let me clarify that. The kids spent an hour doing that, and Mike and I spent an hour running around taking pictures, dodging sleds and reminding the kids to bail if they started heading toward any trees. Still, it’s a workout any way you look at it. Maybe not a gut-busting HIIT workout, but better than eating Christmas cookies in front of the football game.

So wait, sliding down a hill on a sled is a workout? Yes, it is. Because after you slide down, you have to do this:

Over and over and over again.

That burns some calories. For example, if you are a 5’6″, 140 lb., 35-year-old woman (not my stats btw. I am much taller and muuuch younger!), you could burn 351 calories in one hour of sledding. I’m not sure how many runs that includes, or how big the hill, or if you walk or run up the hill, so don’t plan your whole winter weight loss strategy around that statistic. I just want to illustrate that you can get some decent calorie burnage doing fun stuff with your family.

Other winter workouts that pack a caloric punch:

  • cross-country skiing at a moderate pace: 413 calories
  • snowshoeing: 413 calories
  • and for my midwestern friends and family, moving an ice house: 295 calories

All calories counts based on said 5’6″ female, for one hour of activity. Calculations from FitDay.

So get out there and enjoy the weather, wherever you are. It’s not just about logging gym time, but having a good time and incorporating activity into your lifestyle, all day long.

Btw, not missing San Diego weather at all. Seriously, I’m not.


2 thoughts on “Cold? It’s not stinking cold!

  1. terry says:

    You made me very homesick for Minnesota!!! Even walking in the snow is invigorating and beautiful too!!!
    I am decorating our house today in California and I am throwing plastic snow everywhere…..I can tell you it is not the same as the real thing!!!
    You are an inspiration to the world, Trish!!!

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