Fresh from the farm

One of the great things about living in Colorado is the milk delivery service available to Front Range communities (and maybe other areas too; I only know about where I’ve lived).

Every Thursday morning I wake up to milk “fresh from the farm,” as the boys like to call it. As in, “Is the milk fresh from the farm here yet?” I love it. Mike teases me, but I swear this milk tastes so much better than the stuff from the store. It might just be the glass bottles it’s packaged in, but I’m certain it’s not all in my mind. The half and half we get is so good, I long ago stopped using any sweetener in my coffee.

Last week, when I was chatting with some healthy-minded folks at the LiveWell luncheon, someone mentioned an organic food delivery service, and I was intrigued. In the last year or so, I’ve been delving a little deeper into the world of food. Such as, where is it coming from? How did it live before I grilled it up for my dinner? How many ingredients are in it? And, will the pesticides used to keep it bug-free cause my boys to grow girl-parts? Yuck!

I’ve read books like, In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan, The End of Overeating, by David A. Kessler, MD, and most recently, Kitchen Counter Cooking School, by Kathleen Flinn, and been horrified. These books are eye-opening, and truly frightening. I consider myself a fairly aware and healthy cook, but I realize I still have a way to go.

So I’ve tried to make changes. Stuff that felt impactful to me, but was still realistic for my lifestyle. Because honestly, who really has time to go to three different grocery stores for the grass-fed beef, wild salmon and vegan egg substitute? Not me. I want to do better, but I’ve still got stuff to do.

Anyway, back to the food delivery. The company is called Door to Door Organics, and they deliver boxes of fruit and veggies, right to your porch. There are several options for the amount and contents of the delivery, and you can receive weekly or bi-weekly service. Plus, the price is pretty reasonable, with no delivery charge for most areas (including mine), and you can quit any time. So I decided to give it a try. The Friday after Christmas will be our first delivery, and I’m pretty excited.


Usually, I go to the store with meals in mind and a list in hand. Sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas, or to find the produce a recipe calls for. I see this as an opportunity to sort of reverse the process. Each week I’ll come up with meals centered around what I’ve already got, and I’ll get to skip multiple grocery store runs. At least I’m hoping that’s how it will work. I’ll let you know!

How about you, readers? Have you made any dietary changes recently? Are you trying to go organic, vegetarian or vegan? I love meat too much to ever give it up, but I’m definitely trying to make some positive changes. Little by little, I hope to clean up our family meals, until we are sparkling on the inside!


10 thoughts on “Fresh from the farm

  1. Judy-O says:

    I’m cheering for healthy changes from Albuquerque. I, too, get milk on delivery…and it is different. This year I’m growing greens in EarthBoxes for a really local treat.

    • wishfit says:

      Hmmm, don’t know what EarthBoxes are. I’ll have to look it up. I tried to grow strawberries last summer and all I got were pretty vines. 🙂 For now, I’ll stick to getting it delivered.

  2. Erin Grant says:

    Last year I joined a CSA to get locally grown vegetables. It was awesome having different deliciously fresh veggies every week! And I made things I never thought I’d ever make. I learned that parsnip muffins are delicious! Who knew?! A cool part of this CSA was that each member had to work 3 shifts on the farm. I shared my membership with Jill and her partner so we just had to go out to the farm one day to work the farm. It was a blast! We participated in winterizing the land. And trimmed and peeled garlic to get it ready for braiding (one of the farm’s fundraisers). It was such a great way to meet like-minded people and do something positive for the land we take for granted. I didn’t do the CSA this year (opting to buy from local farmers markets) because of the time grad school takes up, but plan on joining again when school is done. And even maybe I’ll join a fruit CSA.

    Side note, I know my mom would agree with you about fresh milk. She grew up on a farm and to this day won’t drink milk from a store because she says it doesn’t taste right.

    • wishfit says:

      I researched a couple of CSAs too, but didn’t find anything I was interested in at this point. Winter isn’t a great time to start! But I love the idea of local support, and helping on the farm. Maybe at some point that will be a good option. Thanks for your comment! And for the support about the milk! 🙂

  3. Trish's Mom says:

    I’d forgotten what fresh milk tastes like until I sampled it at your house. (My childhood on a Wisconsin dairy farm is many, many more years ago than I care to discuss.) It’s probably partly the glass bottles, but you definitely aren’t imagining that “fresh from the farm” is much more flavorful. I bet you’ll love your “fresh from the farm” produce just as much!

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