A book on every bed

Full disclosure: this post has absolutely nothing to do with exercise, fitness, diet, goals etc. Today I’m writing about another topic, one I’m equally passionate about: reading.

Photo: worldmag.com

Recently I read an Ask Amy column in the paper regarding a movement called, “A Book on Every Bed.” Last year “Amy” joined the Family Reading Partnership to try to encourage adults to give a child a book on Christmas morning (or any holiday, really). If you want to read the original column, check it out here

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember, and I’m trying to pass that love on to my kids. According to statistics cited in Amy’s column, however, less than half of young children in this country are read to regularly and a large percentage of American families report that they have no children’s books in the home. That hits me pretty hard. Reading opens up new worlds to kids, improves their vocabulary, and exposes them to ideas and cultures they might never have known about were it not for books. Plus, it’s a lot better way to kill time than playing Angry Birds. Sorry, but it is.

So this year, the first thing my boys see when they wake up on Christmas morning is, Walter the Farting Dog (for Garrett), and Should I Share My Ice Cream? (for Graham).

I will not, however, be reading them this book!

Do you know a child who might like a book? Or an adult with a new baby who might like that one, above?


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