Happy New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012. Have you broken your resolutions yet?

I’m just starting mine today. Yesterday, I went to the bookstore with my 2012 planner (I’m old-school like that), and spent some time writing down my goals for the coming year. I don’t really like to call them resolutions because that brings to mind a bunch of bold and often unrealistic statements that are almost impossible to stick with.

I consider the start of a new year as a time to reflect on the direction I want my life to go in the coming months. What do I want to focus on? Where do I need to improve? What do I hope to accomplish? Then I put together a game-plan of sorts.

Initially, I wasn’t planning to share my goals here. I want all of you to think I’m the perfect role model of health and fitness, and telling you what I want to improve would shatter that illusion. You do think I’m perfect, right? RIGHT?

Then yesterday I was reading the newspaper and came across this article, where famous toughie Jillian Michaels shared her 2012 fitness goals. What really struck me was that several times in the article, she called herself out for not practicing what she preaches. I was impressed. If Jillian Michaels (who is so far much more famous than me), can cop to being a little bit hypocritical, so can I.

Overall, I think I’m doing pretty well, but there are defintely a few weak points that need a little work. So here you go; a sampling of my 2012 goals:


  1. grow wishfit to include more (and more professional) photos (unlike the one at the top of this post), more step-by-step exercise tutorials, how-to information and inspirational stories, just to name a few ideas.
  2. finalize my Wellcoaches certification and begin working with clients by March 2012 (more about that in upcoming posts).
  3. take at least one professional development class.


  1. take at least two classes just for fun, such as a yoga workshop, cooking class or outdoor survival skills. Stay tuned on this one as I have a class to share with you guys already.
  2. improve my productivity and time management by not surfing gossip websites when I should be doing other things. You know I’m a celebrity junkie, and I’m fine with a mild obsession with People Magazine and US Weekly. But that has snowballed into too much online activity, wasting time and filling my head with more than its daily quota of nonsense.
  3. improve my personal wellness by: increasing muscle mass (now that my back is finally starting to cooperate) so I’m not a squishy mess; get back to yoga by taking one class a week and doing two podcasts a week; cut out candy/desserts five out of seven days a week; continue to cut out overly processed foods and add more natural, organic, healthy foods by using Fooducate, Door to Door Organics and structured meal planning; and finally,  no more alcohol for at least a few months. I’m being a little wishy-washy on this one, which is a big no no when setting goals, because I just plan to go with how I feel. It’s no secret I love me a glass or two of wine, and while I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it’s a habit that can start to sneak up on you and grow, until it’s just a little too ingrained in daily life. From time to time, I like to cut it out entirely, as a sort of reset. Plus, it’s a great way to whittle down your daily calorie intake.

There you have it. A summary of my major 2012 goals. I’ll be back tomorrow with a post on successful goal-setting and achieving.

On a personal note, I wish all of you a wonderful, well and happy new year, and I thank you so much for your continued support of this little blog that I love. Wishfit was viewed over 5,000 times in 2011, which is mind-boggling to me. I posted 103 times, since my first post in June, 2011. And thanks Mom, as you were the reader who contributed the most comments!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Trish's Mom says:

    What are moms for? 😉 I love reading your posts. I’m always impressed with your knowledge and your clever, readable way of expressing your thoughts. Plus, I get to hear some extra stories and see some fun family photos. Happy New Year to you and to Wishfit, and to all three of your “boys”! Maybe I’ll even get motivated enough to share some of my own success stories in 2012.

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