Knife skills

Will you be as dissappointed as Garrett to learn that by knife skills I’m not referring to some kind of ninja knife fighting? Nope, I’m not that cool. I mean these kind of knife skills.

Last week, just before New Year’s, my neighbor and I took a Sur La Table knife skills class. There’s our instructor, Danielle Edmonds, demonstrating how to cut an orange so you can slide out the nice little meaty part of the orange wedge, without all the stringy white stuff.

As I mentioned in this post, one of my goals for 2012 is to take some classes, just for fun. This class actually inspired that goal. Not only was it a great class, where I learned a lot about how to chop, dice and properly hold a knife (the tomato tutorial alone was worth the price of the class), but it also reminded me how exhilerating it is to get out of your normal zone, even for a couple of hours. You learn something new, meet people and just put yourself out there in the world. Good stuff!

When we got home, I had a goody box waiting for me. My first Door to Door Organics delivery!

Just a sampling of what was in the box. Loved it!

That night I made roasted salmon and brussels sprouts, using my new cutting skills, of course. It was awesome. Even the kids liked the brussels sprouts (ok, Garrett didn’t love them, but he ate them, which is all I can ask).

Our next delivery is tomorrow, which means for the last week, I’ve been trying new recipes and eating more fresh fruits and veggies. A couple of dinners were a little sketchy (pork loin gets dry really fast), but overall I’m super happy with everything. Even the lettuce seems a little extra special.

Happy Thursday, everyone.


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