Fun Friday project

Actually this was a Thursday project when we did it here, but I’m sharing it with you on a Friday.

The Thursday before Christmas we were supposed to travel to Durango, CO for the Polar Express train ride from Durango to Silverton. I first read about it in a San Diego paper in 2010, before we knew we were moving back to Colorado. I saved the article, thinking how cool it would be to book tickets if we ever came back around Christmas time. Well lo and behold, in 2011 we did. Almost as soon as we were settled in our new house, I called and reserved our seats. I was probably the first person to call, but I was not missing that train ride.

As the trip date grew closer, we booked a hotel and started watching the weather. Durango is about a 6.5 hour drive from Denver in good weather, and we wanted to make sure we knew what to expect. Well wouldn’t you know it, the Wednesday night before we were supposed to leave, a huge snow storm blew through, and long story short, we decided not to risk the drive. I was seriously bummed, and snowed in. Of course we went out and played in the snow, but that’s only fun for so long, so I needed a project.

Ta da:

laundry basket stenciling.

I ordered this awesome canvas laundry bin from Land of Nod, with the idea of sprucing it up with leftover dresser paint. I wanted something large enough to hold all the dirty laundry generated by two active boys, and sturdy enough to hold up to, well, two active boys. I also wanted it to be fun, and not babyish or generic. I searched the internet and local art stores for cool stencils, but no luck. I even tried to print and cut my own, but that didn’t turn out. Then I remembered this post, from my new favorite blog, House*Tweaking.

Dana, the woman behind the blog (you should check it out, she is too cute for words), stenciled a border around her powder room with paint and a toilet paper tube. Well we certainly have those around here! Garrett and I played around with some other round objects, and came up with a few different sizes, just to keep in interesting. We mixed bits of paint with a fabric paint medium (so latex paint would work on fabric), and got to stenciling. At first I was hesitant to let Garrett do much on his own, but he came up with some super cool patterns, and didn’t even splat paint on the floor.

24 hours later, I warm ironed over the designs in order to set the paint (per the medium directions), and voila! We have a fun, do-it-yourself laundry basket.

Yeah, it’s no magical Santa train ride, but it’s better than nothin’.


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