Runner’s high

Or, “37 minutes in heaven.”

Or, “En fuego.”

Or just, “Heck yeah!”

All titles I considered at one point or another for today’s post. I couldn’t really decide on the best, so I shared them all. But why this abundance of creativity? Why this happy, happy tone?

Because yesterday, I ran. Not just the dinky little intervals I’ve been doing on the treadmill. No sir-ee.  I did a whole 37 minute workout, running about 90 percent of that time. I walked up a few big hills to keep from overworking my hip and back, but otherwise, it was all runnin’ baby. Ok, maybe jogging would be a more appropriate description, but still . . .

Maybe it was because of these sweet new babies:

Yeah, those are hot pink running shoes. It’s funny, pink is not really my favorite color, but I always seem to end up with pink workout shoes. These, though, are taking it to another level. Garrett said he loves them because they make my feet look like they are on fire. Reason enough to keep them, I think.

Maybe it was because the weather was gorgeous. Or I had a pretty open day so I felt relaxed. Most likely it was because I’ve been putting in the work at physical therapy, for crying out loud! I’ve been oh so compliant, doing my exercises (almost) every day, and taking it slow, slow, slow. At my appointment today, I even got to bust out some practice lunges. A big step, so to speak.

Whatever the reason, I laced up my new pink shoes, pulled on my favorite ruffled running shirt

(it’s hard to take a picture of your own back, by the way), slipped my thumbs through the little thumb slit on the sleeve (love those!),

and jogged along my merry way.

The best part: I’m not even messed up today. Feelin’ good.

Now, lest you start to think that I’m some elite runner, let me make it clear that that is NOT the case. I just like to pick up the pace a little because it feels good and it burns more calories. My long (ish) distance days are likely over, but I would love to be able to knock out 3-5 miles here and there. Here’s hoping yesterday was no fluke.


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