Gym thoughts launch

Anyone else exhausted from staying up late and watching the Golden Globes last night? It’s hard work critiquing all of that fashion. And you know I’ve been doing a pretty darn good job on my resolution to cut out the extra gossip surfing online, so a couple of weeks of scaled back celebrity scoping really lowered my tolerance. Today I’ve got a celebrity hangover. 

Since last week was fairly content-heavy, and today my brain is a little fried, I thought I’d keep it short and fluffy. I’ve come up with a new concept, called “Gym thoughts.” If you are familiar with “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey,” you’ll get the gist.

Without further ado, gym thought #1:

It is IMPERATIVE you check your rear view before purchasing a new pair of spandex-type workout pants. Imperative, I tell you. For that matter, check all of your old pairs too. Don’t just look at your tush, either. Bend over. Trust me, it changes things.

You don’t want the person behind you in yoga to get an eyefull of this do you?


Tight workout pants seem to be the worst offenders, but short shorts are trouble too. Last week I saw a super cute girl working out at the gym. Until she bent over to stretch in the middle of the weight floor and her shorts hiked up to reveal a huge pair of gray panties. I think I might have actually said, “Oohhh,” out loud. Running shorts tend to be on the shorter side, and that’s cool . . . for running. But for gym stuff where you’re laying down, bending over, doing sit-ups or whatever, maybe something with a little more coverage would be better. I sure don’t want to sit on the bike after someone wearing cheeky shorts, and I don’t need to know your underwear preferences either.

Oh, and btw, bike shorts in cycling class can getcha’ too.

Show of hands: who’s going to run home and try on all their workout pants after reading this? My goal with wishfit is to educate my readers in all aspects of fitness, and today’s post is no different. Consider it a public service announcement!


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