Book review–”The Kitchen Counter Cooking School”

I read. A LOT.

I’m sure I’d be much more productive and accomplished if I didn’t read quite so much. On the plus side, I have an impressive vocabulary, and I know a little bit about a lot of random things.

I read magazines, books, fitness journals, blogs, even catalogues. My interests are extremely varied, but I definitely go through topic phases. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction books, which is new for me as I usually stick to novels. I’ve been highlighting my way through health, fitness, food and “self-help” type books, which makes me feel smarter, and less guilty about all the gossip magazines I inhale.*

Because many of the books I read are relevant to this blog, I thought it would be fun (helpful?) to share some of the good ones.

Recently I finished “The Kitchen Counter Cooking School,” by Kathleen Flinn.

Maybe you’ve heard of it? It follows Flinn as she rounds up nine novice cooks and teaches them kitchen basics. The idea for the project hits her one night as she follows a stranger through the grocery store, eyeing the “food” the woman puts in her cart. Boldly, she approaches the women to ask her why she chooses fake, processed convenience foods over fresh, real food.

After the encounter, Flinn got curious about the cooking and eating habits of average Americans. She wondered if teaching home cooks simple shopping, prep and cooking skills would lead to improved eating habits.

The book that follows is a nice mix of scientific research, personal stories and practical information. In fact, Flinn’s book inspired me to take a knife skills class and sign up for weekly organic food delivery.

So, anyone out there read this book already? Did you like it? Do you have a good read to recommend to me? I’ve got a big ‘ol wishlist on my Nook and iPad, as well as several other recent great-reads to share.

*just last night I took part in my first Fantasy US Weekly draft. So fun and soooooo dorky! Think Fantasy Football for celebrities. Yeah, I live a wild and crazy life. 


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