I heart you

Photo: Lorri Steer

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

We’ve had a great day so far, and I hope you have too.

Here’s a little taste of what’s been going on around our house for Heart Day.

I apologize for the less than stellar photo quality. I still haven’t taken a photography class. I did this heart melting project a few weeks ago with the boys. It’s just crayon shavings melted between folded wax paper. The kids sharpened crayons onto the wax paper, I ironed until the wax melted and then I traced heart shapes and let the boys have at it with scissors. Are the hearts perfect? Nope, but I’d say they did a great job. Check out the inspiration pic on Pinterest, or the original, with directions, from Martha Stewart (of course).

Next, we moved on to brainstorming Valentine treats for the boys to take to school. In my wishfit way, I tried to come up with something not quite so sugary and candy-filled. I got very excited when I thought of this:

I’m nuts about you!

Picture it on a squirrel-shaped tag (courtesy of my mother-in-law), attached to a little bag filled with nuts, craisins and a few Valentine M&M’s tossed in. Cute, clever and somewhat healthy.

You can imagine my disappointment when, upon checking with Garrett’s teacher I was told all treats must be gluten-free and nut-free. GLUTEN-FREE? Ahy, yi, yi. When did being a snack mom get so complicated? Ok, back to the Terry drawing board. Many of you reading this will understand that reference, I’m sure!

My mother-in-law, Terry, suggested this super cute idea, and we were off. I purchased the little plastic shovels from Giant Party Store, and the rest of the materials needed just showed up in the mail. Thanks so much to Terry and her friend Stephanie, owner of The Paper Garden in Sacramento, CA, who supplied me with the idea, the ribbon, pre-printed tags, hole punch, clear bags and a sample, which I certainly did appreciate when assembling the Valentines. All I contributed was a little candy and some manual labor.

Clearly Garrett and I did the bulk of the labor. Graham mostly “soopavised.”

The finished product.

As for the rest of the day, tonight we will go to the gym and show our heart some love. And maybe drink a little red wine.

Btw, if no one sends you flowers, for crying out loud, don’t mope and pout. Just go get some for yourself. I bought red tulips and I feel very loved!


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