Hire a personal trainer–part one

Valentine’s is over, and the love is gone. Today I’m feeling feisty so I’m going to ask you straight: how ya doin’ on those S.M.A.R.T. goals?

Hmmm, not so good, maybe?

If you are chugging right along with your goals, then good on ya. You should still read this post, because as I pointed out yesterday, there is a high likelihood your workout needs some tweaking. If you aren’t living up to the expectations you set, not to worry! There’s still plenty of time before swimsuit season, and I can help you find someone to help you.

I’ve already talked to you about choosing a gym, and picking a trainer, but my guess is that a lot of you cruised right on by the trainer post thinking something along the lines of, “Oh, I don’t need a trainer. I used to run track (play football, swim, square dance, whatever) in high school. I know what I’m doing.”

To that I say “HA!”

Look at this guy, who happens to by my husband:

Skinny legs aside, he’s in pretty great shape. You should see his abs. Thankfully the cut-off t-shirt craze has gone by the wayside, and the sunglasses have gotten a little bigger. This photo is a few years old. But I digress.

My point is, he’s in great shape, and is one of the most active, healthy people I know. He still doesn’t really know what he’s doing in the gym. Or, let me clarify that; he could be doing a lot better in the gym. So could you. Which is my point.

Everyone, from novice exerciser to amateur athlete can benefit from at least a few sessions with a personal trainer.

I know your arguments: you’re doing just fine on your own, you don’t want to spend the money, it’s too much money, it’s not worth the money. I understand the money argument, believe me. It’s hard to justify spending a significant amount of cash on a “frivolous” item. Especially when you’re, “doing just fine” on your own. That is, until your knee starts to hurt a little bit every time you do squats, or your weight-loss plateaus, or you want to try strength training but don’t know where to start. Then your workouts stall, and you get frustrated, and you quit going to the gym. Or, maybe you’re like Mike, already fit, but you want to kick it up a notch and try something new.

And so it comes back to the money. Only you can decide what your health and fitness is worth to you. Is it worth as much as your hair color? Your weekly pedicure? Is it worth as much as a couple of happy hours out with the guys? How about a new fishing reel?

I’ll give you the rest of the day to ponder that. Tomorrow I’ll be back with part two, which includes general information on training packages, pricing and how to get what you need out of your sessions.


9 thoughts on “Hire a personal trainer–part one

  1. Mike Barratt says:

    People invests $1,000’s of dollars into eating, drinking, traveling, coffee but don’t invest in the most important thing, their health. There a quote that says, “real wisdom is knowing the extent of ones own ignorance.” as much as we like to think we know it all, we don’t. You can learn from a lot of people including experts. The benefits from a trainer don’t come from the movements but rather the accountability, the motivation, sharing good ideas and a partner in reaching your goals. I’m hiring my trainer for another 3 month session. Great read and thanks for sharing!

  2. Mariah B says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog through Dana McMahan’s blog.. so refreshing! I love your “about me” page. 🙂

    I have a “story” to being motivated to lose weight last year, as many people do. To sum it up, I lost my 25-year old brother to a heart attack, and it clicked that I was headed down the same road with weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. I had never been athletic in my life.. hated physical activity, never been a gym member, etc.

    I “fell” for the sales pitch at the gym, which has been one of the best life-altering decisions I ever made. Working with a trainer, I lost 50lbs in 13 months, and developed a love for the barbell/powerlifting, CrossFit-style metcons/WOD’s, and eating clean. (But mostly powerlifting. :P) Gracious, I even enjoy sprinting-incline intervals. Yikes.

    Now, 16 months in, I’m still training and loving it. I’ve actually put back on a few pounds to help my lifting. My deadlift is 205#+ (haven’t maxed lately), and I recently backsquatted 185#x3, which was a super huge PR for me.

    My trainer has helped me through thick and thin with injuries, insecurities, and setbacks. I know there trainers that are better/worse than others, and I feel so fortunate to have found such a great one right off the bat. We’ve become great friends and often work out together to challenge each other. One of my greatest memories of training was royally beating him in a burpee challenge. 🙂

    I cannot stress enough to everyone around me how important your health really is and how small and insignificant the investment is for the return you receive.

    I also love the t-shirt you’re wearing.. I’m signed up for Wisconsin’s Tough Mudder this September, for which I’m super excited!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share how much I enjoy your blog… I’m a follower now! 🙂

    • wishfit says:

      Wow. What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it with me. I’m so sorry about the loss of your brother, though it seems to me you are honoring him through your life. You should be so proud of yourself!

      You’ll have to update me on your Tough Mudder. It was such an awesome experience. Btw, are you from WI? I am!

      Thanks again for your comments, and congratulations on all of your accomplishments.

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