Gym thoughts–coconut water

Really this is a Costco thought, masquerading as a gym thought, but since coconut water is an exerciser’s delight, I figure I can pass it off as gym-related.

See, the label even says, “Nature’s Sports Drink.”

Gyms sell it, folks drink it post-workout, and fitness magazines talk about its rehydrating and recovery benefits.

A couple of days ago I was in Costco with the kids. Without fail, whenever we are out and about, someone professes to by DYING of thirst. Or hunger. Or both. I try to be prepared for the hunger thing by having snacks in my purse, but I rarely bring water for them. Sometimes I have a water bottle for me, but that’s for me. This is where you begin to realize I might not be all that “momish.” My husband calls it being an only child; you may say I’m selfish, but c’mon. Those little boys are germ factories and I don’t want their slobby spit in my water. Judge me if you will, but it’s how I feel.

So anyway, back to the coconut water. We’re at Costco, and Garrett decides he must have a drink. For some reason, he seemed un-whiny and sincere, and I was feeling sweet, so I said, “if we see a good drink sample, you can have one.” This is very unusual for me, because I kind of hate everything about Costco samples. The crap they are selling, the lines of people who just have to have turkey corndog bites, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE, they bother me. But as I said, that day I was sweet.

Just then, I notice a lady pouring samples of Zico coconut water, and it seems like a good drink to let the kids have. Natural, no added sugar, lots of potassium and other electrolytes, and hey, I’ve always wanted to try coconut water too. Perfect.

The only problem? It tastes like vomit.

Yup, vomit.

Garrett was too polite to say it right out, but I could tell he hated it. I had no such qualms and blurted out, “This is disgusting!” Graham liked it. He wanted to finish Garrett’s.

So there you have it. My scientific review of coconut water.

Have you ever tried coconut water? Do you drink it on a regular basis? If so, have you noticed its remarkable similarity to vomit? Isn’t vomit an awesome word? So much better than the other options!

Btw, this is simply the opinion of one (or two, if you count Garrett) person, and I mean no offense. If you like coconut water, have at it! Less for me to worry about.


14 thoughts on “Gym thoughts–coconut water

  1. terry says:

    I always hear that coconut water is so good for you. I too, tried it and did not like it at all. It remained in our frig for a long time after I tasted it…..because I could not just immediately throw it away!!! I will never buy it again!!!!
    Is coconut milk the same thing? I know it is an ingredient in all sorts of foods. I know it can be whipped as a substitute for whipped cream. It is used in cakes, Thai cooking, etc.
    Instead of using it as a sports drink it might just be an additional drink to add as an ingredient for flavor…..even though it is not a good flavor alone.
    I also have read you can make coconut milk….again, this is not coconut water. I always assumed the water was from the coconut. I think the milk is just water, honey and flakes of coconut.
    Again, your blog is informative and refreshing!!!

    • wishfit says:

      The best answer I could find about the difference between coconut water and milk is that the milk includes the meat of the coconut. Zico’s website says this: “Our coconut water doesn’t contain the fat of coconut milk because ZICO’s coconut water comes from young coconuts before they develop the white meat that contains the fat and cholesterol in mature coconuts.” Hope that helps.

      I have a couple of recipes I use coconut milk in and I use the light kind. It’s good in soup.

  2. shelley says:

    Thanks for the info, my friend. Thank goodness you were feeling sweet today, otherwise you never know what you could’ve said.

  3. Gordon says:

    No, coconut milk and coconut water are not the same thing, and I think people make the mistake and assume it will taste like coconut milk or grated coconut. Coconut water is from the young coconut, you chop the top off and there is the water (you can probably find a video on youtube), Coconut milk is from the mature coconut ( when you chop the top off there is no water) , you take the hard white inner part and basically pulverise it in a blender. I would say it is just something you either love or hate (I love it, but that is because I have grown up with it and I can get it straight from an actual coconut). The reason that it seems like it suddenly became a craze is because coconut water ferments really fast and special treatment measures had to be designed to keep the flavour and preserve the product for a long enough time

  4. Jill says:

    I like the VIta Coco brand, but I don’t really exercise to warrant drinking it. Last summer I drank a lot camping when it was extremely hot. When I’ve had it at home and my body didn’t require it I paid the price later on.

    • wishfit says:

      Paid the price, how, I’m wondering :). You might like it in a fruit shake then, so it’s more like part of a meal replacement than just extra calories and stuff.

  5. madison says:

    love coconut water! Brands do vary in flavor. Some more salty, some more sweet. Never tasted like vomit, but maybe that sample was rancid. Honestly I could survive on the stuff, I like it that much. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

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