Oscar recap

Cameron Diaz, you rock my world with your rock hard                   (fill in the blank).

Look at those arms, people. Seriously.

Watching these two gorgeous ladies present last night, Mike said something along these lines:

“Cameron Diaz looks so hot I forgot to even look at Jennifer Lopez’s             ,” (use your imagination to fill in the blank).

Well said, husband, well said.

There were other beautiful looks last night, to be sure. Gwyneth Paltrow wowed in her dress with the beautifully unique neckline. Michelle Williams is always a favorite, and Jessica Chastain was luminous. But for me, Cameron was the standout. Her hair looked flirty and chic, her necklace and makeup were perfect, and the dress, oh the dress. It looked like it was poured over her.

Which brings me to the body. This is a fitness blog, after all. How does she get that body?

Well, that’s one way.

Obviously she is Bad Ass. No one gets a body like that without being tough, committed and athletic. While pulling ropes and pushing tires is clearly effective (and probably super fun), there’s a lot more to it than that.

So what can you do if you’ve got the motivation, but no spare monster truck tires lying around your backyard?

Unfortunately, I’ve never met Cameron, so I don’t know for sure what she does, but I have a pretty good idea:

  • good genetics
  • tight and clean diet
  • high-intensity workouts
  • heavy-lifting workouts

You can see her intensity in those photos above, and she is undoubtedly bringing her A-game on a consistent basis. That’s how she burns a lot of calories, gets her body fat down, and gets those muscles to pop. But I’ll bet she’s also doing some days of heavier lifting in order to build the kind of strength she has. You don’t get biceps like that from curling 8 lb. dumbbells. Think about how much that tire must weigh.

No matter how much you work out, diet must be part of the plan if you want to look like Cameron. You can be dedicated to your fitness, eat some junk and still look good, but if you want to look like a specimen, you’ve got to take it to the next level. That means cleaning up your diet, oh, maybe 90 percent of the time.

Which brings me to the final point; genetics. Some people have the genes to look like that, some people don’t. Some people can get away with less exercise and more junk food, and still look amazing. Some people can’t. Is it fair? Nope.

Cameron has a tall, lean and athletic build. She can enhance her body (which she obviously does), but she had the goods to work with before she even started exercising. On the other hand, she will never look like Jennifer Lopez, who is also very fit, but has a curvy, voluptuous frame.

So, you, me, here, tomorrow? I’ll post a few examples of exercises that might help you sculpt some Cameron Diaz-style muscle.


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