Crazy for quotes

I know I’ve mentioned books and reading here before, but I’m not sure I’ve every fully explained just how much I love words. Yup, I’m a word nerd.

I read books, magazines, food labels, fiction, non-fiction, research articles–you name it, and I’ll read it. I love how reading transports me to a different world for awhile (not that the one I usually inhabit is bad!), and I thrill at beautifully written material, wherever I find it.

That love of words includes quotations from famous or not-so-famous people. Sometimes the right combination of words can serve as the perfect motivation–for life, for exercise, or just to get out of bed in the morning. In fact, when I was teaching 5:30 am RPM (cycling), I was known to read a motivational quote before the start of class. I don’t know how my participants felt about it, but it sure got me going.

I’m always trolling for good quotes, and today I realized I’ve got a couple to share with you.

Anne Hathaway:

My body has chosen it’s shape. I would rather be strong than skinny.

Well said, Ms. Hathaway. I knew I liked you. I’ll bet she did some major training for her upcoming Catwoman role.

Jeanette Jenkins, owner of the Hollywood Trainer, and star of multiple workout DVDs:

Start a habit of working harder for part of every session. To see big results, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


I love this quote from Jenkins for several reasons. First, I think everyone can commit to working harder during each session. That doesn’t mean you have to work as hard as Jenkins, or even the person next to you on the elliptical. It just means you work a little harder than you usually do, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Doable, right?

Second, I can’t emphasize enough the idea that yes, exercise is uncomfortable. So many people are scared of discomfort, miscategorizing it as pain. Discomfort and pain are NOT the same thing. Pain can be sudden or chronic, and it is usually localized, such as in the knees, shoulder or chest (hello! heart attack!). Discomfort might include burning, sweating, achiness (such as sore muscles), heavy breathing or just a general sense of “oh man, I’ve never worked this hard before.”

If you are unaccustomed to exercise, it might take you awhile to get used to the discomfort, but you will. You might even come to welcome it as a sign that you are changing your body. And when your session is over, you will feel even better than if you had never experienced that discomfort at all.

That’s why a cold, adult beverage tastes even better after a long run.

So what quotes motivate you? Care to share a favorite? Any resources for great words of wisdom? Judging by Facebook, my friend Tracie K. has some good ones!


4 thoughts on “Crazy for quotes

  1. terry says:

    This quote is from Jamie Lee Curtis. “And the problem is that how many of us are killing ourselves everyday? Who here has high blood pressure and is still eating salt and French fries? We create senseless acts of violence against ourselves everyday. And…we live with this amnesia that we are not. (How do we change what we are doing?) Just by making healthy choices. Eat less and move more….walk enough. Stop being sedentary. And….about whatever we’re doing that’s harmful….CHANGE. CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW!” Amen.

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