Spring ahead

Spring in Ft. Collins a few years ago.

Sunflowers in San Diego.

Fall back. That’s how I always remember which way to turn the clock when daylight saving time rolls around. And while I love spring, with its bright colors, fresh tulips and spots of green popping up, I don’t love losing an hour of sleep. The older I get, the more time changes seem to throw my body off kilter for a few days.

Scientists agree that loss of sleep is damaging in many ways. In fact, studies show that losing sleep leads to weight gain, likely due to hormone disruptions in the body. If you’re interested in learning more about the mechanisms of sleep and weight, check out this article. Or, simply pay attention to how you feel the day after a restless or late night. You might notice you are much hungrier, and your ability to make healthy choices is clouded by exhaustion.

So what’s a body to do? Protest daylight saving time? Move to Arizona? A more realistic option would be this suggestion by Michelle Drerup, Pys.D., a behavioral sleep specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center: starting tomorrow, set your alarm clock to wake you 15 minutes earlier each day leading up to the March 11 change. That means getting up early on the weekend too, guys! By Monday morning you’ll be right on track, and feeling much better than all the people you know who DON’T read wishfit.

Btw, maybe you could use your extra weekend morning time to squeeze in a workout. Just sayin’.


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